About ENVE

    We are a collection of cyclists, friends and innovators. The idea behind the start of our company was to put together a group of individuals that shared passions and direction. From this beginning we set out to build a brand that encompassed all the little things that we thought were important to us and overlooked by others. And so, we push ENVE to exceed expectations.  We have found some limitations that now serve as new hurdles, this is a process that has no destination but serves as the guideline for our culture. We believe in the evolution of knowledge and technology and plan to be part of that evolution every chance we can.

    When the naysayers said we could not produce rims in America we remained committed.  And today, ENVE produces 100% of our rims in Ogden, Utah.

    ENVE, by our definition, is the burning desire to be excellent. Every product that bears the ENVE name is the result of this burning passion. Each rim, wheel, and component is designed with form, functionality, and beauty in mind. It is Our Culture, it is Our Goal and it will always be Our Way.


      Our History

      ENVE has a strong composites background, specifically in the bicycle industry.  We have been building, tinkering and breaking boundaries for years.

      Simply put, we’re a bunch of composite tech heads and we’re not afraid of introducing and investing in new design concepts, processes and technologies that enable us to offer the absolute best products on the market today (not to mention the things we’re working on for tomorrow).

      Of major importance to us is that our wheels are proudly made in Ogden, Utah. Yes, we’re an American company committed to American design, engineering and manufacturing.  You’ll often find our owners in the R&D lab tinkering on the next product; and that’s the epitome of how we all work together to reach a common goal.

      We got our start making tubing and molded parts for the best frame builders  – Parlee, Independent Fabrications, Calfee, Vanilla, Crumpton and Ruegamer – custom artisans who refuse to adopt the big box mentality.  There’s no fluff.  No flash.  Just quality engineered components that are guaranteed to be the best you’ve ever ridden – a statement we take incredibly seriously.

      Our Values

      Excellent.  We put excellence above all else. We strive to deliver excellent products and be excellent partners in business. We do what we say and treat our customers with honesty and transparency.

      Invested.  We put the rider and the customer first. We share the same passion as our end users and stay connected with them and engaged in the community.

      Innovative.  We are constantly developing and refining our products. We use our education and expertise to create systems that are the lightest, strongest, and most durable in the industry.

      Simple.  Our engineering process leads to functional simplicity. Our clean, minimal designs put performance first.

      Focused.  We combine our commitment to carbon technology with our love of riding and American made manufacturing, striking a balance between passion and business savvy.

      Passionate.  We love what we do. Our core focus is—and always will be—creating a better riding Experience.

      Some of our Favorite Projects

      Over the years, ENVE has had the opportunity to make some of the coolest parts…some for bikes and some outside the bike industry.  Here are just a few:

      Santa Cruz Carbon Swing Arm

      In 2011, the ENVE DH rim rocked the downhill world by being the first full-carbon downhill rim on the World Cup Circuit. In short, the first season was a success and Santa Cruz was impressed with the strength, durability, and performance that our carbon rims offered.

      Santa Cruz had the idea to update the V-10 downhill mountain bike model with a carbon swing arm. Previous attempts to produce the challenging part overseas were unsuccessful. Santa Cruz contacted ENVE to find out if we were willing to take the challenge on. We said yes… While this project proved to be quite difficult, it forced us to broaden our horizons and explore new and unique manufacturing processes that have laid the groundwork for other projects we are currently working on. After a year of vigorous testing and prototyping with the Santa Cruz Syndicate, the V-10 Carbon Swing Arm was approved and turned over to Santa Cruz Bicycles for production. The V-10 Swing Arm has been ridden to numerous victories including two World Championships.

      Vanilla Seat Post Topper

      ENVE is founded upon the principle of providing products that fulfill an unmet or overlooked need. Sacha White of Vanilla Bicycles partnered with ENVE to create a custom seat mast topper complete with the official Vanilla seal molded into the piece. Using our single bolt seatpost design, and composites expertise, we succeeded in creating a functional mast topper that is also beautiful.

      Veterinary X-Ray Plates

      An entrepreneur by the name of Lain Hueton approached ENVE to see if we could produce carbon X-Ray plates for veterinary applications. Veterinarians needed a mobile platform to take to ranches and farms to be able to get X-Ray images. The challenge was that the plates needed to withstand the weight and abuse of a 1000 pound animal yet be light enough for one person to carry them. In addition, the plates needed to allow X-rays to pass through without casting a shadow. After many prototypes and weeks of testing, a layup was developed that was able to support a large livestock while only deflecting about an 1/8th of an inch, thus protecting the expensive imaging equipment below. The plate/assembly has become the industry standard for veterinarians.

      Marshall Radio Telemetry

      Marshall Radio approached ENVE with the problem that the copper coils they were using in their tracking receivers were being contaminated by the environment making the receivers less effective. The challenge was to come up with a solution that would seal the coils permanently. They had previously tried electrical shrink tape, and painting on epoxy without success. Carbon/graphite would also not work because that adversely affected the frequency that the receivers used. The solution was to cure a very thin layer of fiberglass impregnated with a specially dyed epoxy. In addition, a specific cure recipe was developed due to the coils cracking during the heating and pressurization process. Currently these coils are used on their high end model receivers.

      Black Diamond Cobra Ice Tool

      Black Diamond Equipment reached out with the requirement to lighten their top of the line ice axe without compromising the strength in any way. The current model was made of metal at the time. Due to the nature of carbon their industrial engineers could really play with the shape and move the design in different directions. They could get more precise, technical swings and offer more clearance without sacrificing balance. The product had the requirement to withstand a certain static load that they would test internally. We were able to meet and exceed their requirements. As the project evolved, we noticed that their grip could be integrated and provided them a solution whereby we could co-mold a silicone grip to the composite handle giving it a more refined and durable finish. To date the Cobra Ice Tool has won numerous awards and Black Diamond’s flagship model.

      Our Passions

      We are riders for riders. In every way, ENVE lives and supports the cycling lifestyle. Here are a few of the things we love…..

      Weber Trail Maintenance – unknown to most, the ENVE owners have been maintaining parts of the Ogden trail system for the past ten years. You can find us riding the trails that we love.

      Utah High School Mountain Biking – whether it be coaching, sharing or participating in the leadership, ENVE supports Utah High School MBT. We ride….our kids ride.