ENVE M60 Forty Plus - unparalleled reliability and durability through advanced carbon engineering and manufacturing techniques

M Series Plus

The foundational philosophy of the M Series is to create full carbon fiber mountain wheels that are optimized for How, What, and Where you ride. The M60 Plus is designed specifically for riders who want the ultimate wheelset for the Plus compatible mountain bike platform.

M Series Application Chart

M60 Forty Plus is

  • Developed to deliver superior blend of comfort, durability, stiffness, and lightweight through a refined Plus specific profile and uni-directional carbon fiber laminates
  • Optimized for latest 2.8” to 3.0” Plus size tires
  • Designed to reduce Plus tire’s predisposition for pinch flatting
  • Guaranteed to deliver unparalleled reliability and durability through advanced carbon engineering and manufacturing techniques

As learned through the development of the M60 HV and M70 HV, intended tire width is a very important factor to consider when designing a rim for a wheelset. With frame and tire manufacturers settling around 2.8” to 3.0” tires for the Plus segment of the market, developing a rim shape that is optimized for these tire sizes, lower pressure, and tire construction was mandatory.

ENVE M60 Forty Plus - more volume for more forgiving ridewide rim profile for 2.8-3.0 inches tires

Optimized for 2.8” to 3.0” Tires

The overall rim and tire diameter of 27.5” Plus system is similar to that of 29” tires. Many of the latest bikes are delivered with the ability to run both 29” and 27.5” Plus wheelsets and tires. Terrain and riding style will likely dictate which wheelset a rider will prefer but the M60 Plus will be able to tackle the same conditions the M60 and M60HV were designed to excel in.

Rollover the image to see how 29” compares to 27.5 Plus

ENVE M60 Forty Plus wide rim profile for 2.8-3.0 inches tires

More Volume = More Forgiving Ride

Larger tire volume and lower pressures dramatically reduce rolling resistance in rough terrain and increase traction by allowing for a larger contact patch with the trail surface.

The M60 Plus features a unique profile that saves weight and reduces the likelihood of pinch flatting a lighter weight albeit higher volume tire. This is accomplished through rim shape and construction.

M60 Plus vs. M70 HV

M Series 60 Forty Plus with class leading impact strength

Class Leading
Impact Resistance

The ENVE M60 Plus provides class leading impact strength among Plus size wheelsets. All ENVE wheels carry a 5-year warranty (including impact damage) and Lifetime Crash Replacement for the original owner.

Impact vs. Weight Comparison

M60 Plus Impact vs Weight Comparison
M Series 60 Forty Improved Handling

Superior Ride Quality through Best in Class Stiffness to Weight

M60 Plus Stiffness to Weight Comparison

Over a decade of carbon mountain rim development has led to many of the featured refinements of the M Series, included in the new M60 Plus. One of these features is the hookless tire bead. This ensures reliable tubeless set up, greater rim strength, and an optimized tire to rim interface.

The M60 Plus is light weight thanks to the patented Molded in Spoke Hole technology and the use of proprietary removable bladder systems. On the trail, this translates into quicker acceleration, responsive handling, and unprecedented fun.

The M60 Plus highlights new M Series rim technologies specifically designed for riders seeking the ultimate, Plus ride experience.

ENVE M Series 60 Plus NW Decent

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To demo the new M60 Plus or for more information, visit your local ENVE Retailer or contact support@enve.com or call 877.358.2869