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ENVE M Series

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Developing the ride tuned M Series wheels

Science + Passion

The goal of the M Series is to produce the lightest, strongest, fastest wheel for every application. The 5 wheel models cover every riding scenario we can think of. We optimized the rim shapes for durability, stiffness, compliance, and traction so your days will end in smiles and podiums - not repair stands. There is no better mountain wheel on the planet.

What rim is right for your ride?

M Series Application Chart

Select your wheel based on riding style (% climb vs descend), suspension travel and tire size.

New Wider Options For Larger Tires

With the advent of high-volume tires, we have expanded the M Series line to include wider rim models specifically designed for these tires. The HV rims are just wide enough to provide all the traction and pressure benefits - but not so wide as to add unnecessary weight and create a cumbersome ride.

Standard M Series profile compared to M Series HV

M Series Pressure Recommendations

Rim Model M50 M60 M60 HV M70 M70 HV M90
Tire Volume 1.8-2.1 2.1-2.25 2.3-2.4 2.3-2.4 2.4-2.5 2.35-2.5
< 120 lbs. FR 20-2422-26 18-2219-23 16-2017-21 16-2017-21 15-1916-20 20-2422-26
120-140 lbs FR 20-2422-26 18-2219-23 16-2017-21 16-2017-21 15-1916-20 20-2422-26
140-160 lbs FR 22-2623-27 19-2320-24 17-2118-22 17-2118-22 16-2017-21 23-2724-28
160-180 lbs FR 22-2624-28 20-2421-25 18-2219-23 18-2219-23 17-2118-22 24-2825-29
180-200 lbs FR 24-2825-29 21-2522-26 19-2320-24 19-2320-24 18-2219-23 25-2926-30
200-220 lbs FR 25-2926-30 23-2724-28 21-2522-26 21-2522-26 20-2421-25 28-3229-33
220-240 lbs FR 26-3028-32 25-2926-30 23-2724-28 23-2724-28 22-2623-27 29-3330-34
Developing the ride tuned M Series wheels

We've Got Your Back

We engineer the highest quality carbon fiber products in the world for an uncompromised ride experience, and we back it up by providing the best possible service and support. For the original owner of an authentic ENVE product, we provide an industry leading FIVE Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and Lifetime Crash Replacement.