Carbon Road Hub

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A super light, stiff, and durable one of a kind carbon fiber road hub.

Carbon Road Hub

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A super light, stiff, and durable one of a kind carbon fiber road hub.

Road and cyclocross riders and racers looking for the pinnacle of hub technology, lightweight, durability and longevity.

We are constantly being challenged by our athletes and employees to make all parts of the bike stronger and lighter. The ENVE carbon fiber road hub is just another piece of the puzzle in producing the best wheels we can possibly make.

The ENVE Carbon Road Hub features a patent pending full carbon fiber hub shell that is built around the DT Swiss ratchet drive mechanism which provides superior performance to traditional three pawl drive mechanisms. The carbon road hub improves upon the stiffness of a traditional DT Swiss wheelbuild while offering equal durability at a substantially lower weight. The ENVE Carbon Road Hub uses continuous carbon fibers to create the unique full carbon hub flanges. Each spoke hole in the hub flange is molded rather than drilled to ensure light weight and high strength. Each hub is assembled using the ultra low friction Ceramic Speed ceramic bearings. The front hub weighs in at 74 grams while the rear weighs 158 grams for a total hubset weight of 232 grams.

Product Specs

Material Carbon Fiber
Front Weight 74g
Rear Weight 158g
Set Weight 232g
Freehub Shimano 11, Campy
Axle Front QR
Axle Rear QR
Spoke Count 20/24


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Carbon Road Hub

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Carbon Road Hub

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