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M Series 90 Ten

Carbon Fiber Wheelset

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The first UCI World Cup-winning downhill carbon fiber wheelset.

M Series 90 Ten

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The first and only UCI World Cup-winning downhill carbon fiber wheelset.

Downhill riders and racers that have a no-holds-barred approach to their race equipment.

To raise the bar on our former World Championship winning ENVE DH wheelset and to provide the Santa Cruz Syndicate riders with the latest carbon fiber rim technology on the market. By saving weight, increasing strength and adding the utility of tubeless compatibility, the M90 is the wheelset of choice for today’s most discerning World Cup racers and mechanics.

“They will knock your socks off from the moment you drop into that first, aggressive run.”

Vital MTB

“The performance advantages of the M90 are real. The riders claim It allows them to take unique lines and ultimately go faster. For me, the durability is my favorite aspect; we replace only a small fraction of the rims we used to when we rode alloy.”

– Doug Hatfield – Syndicate Mechanic

The ENVE M90 Ten is unique as it is the only carbon fiber mountain bike rim that is fully optimized for downhill riding and racing. Consequently, the M90 Ten is the only carbon fiber wheelset that is actively being raced on the UCI Downhill World Cup Circuit. As such, the M90 has been ridden to the World Cup Downhill Overall Title under Santa Cruz Syndicate as well as numerous other World Cup podium finishes. The M90 saw success almost instantly on the World Cup circuit thanks to performance enhancing features such has hookless bead tubeless technology and ENVE’s patented molded spoke hole technology. Tubeless technology brings real time savings to downhill racing by eliminating the additional weight of inner tubes and reducing rolling resistance. Molded spoke holes increase the efficiency of the full unidirectional carbon fiber construction by ensuring that fibers run around the rim continuously and uncut thus saving weight and increasing strength. It goes without saying that a carbon fiber downhill rim needs to be strong. The M90’s geometry is the most robust of all the M Series wheels to ensure that the wheel can withstand the rigors of downhill racing and daily bike park laps. While the M90 is optimized and co-developed by World Cup downhill racers, it is equally at home on long, big-mountain shuttle descents that include either lift or helicopter accessed terrain. Given that the M90 is still lighter than some brands’ all-mountain rims, it is not unreasonable to consider pedaling the M90 up hill for very short intervals of time. As such, the M90 is optimized for downhill mountain bikes with travel ranging between 6.5-10″ (170 and 210mm). Each ENVE M90 Ten is manufactured in the USA.

Product Specs

Rim Specs Front Rear
Rim Depth 34mm 34mm
External Width 34mm 34mm
Internal Width 25mm 25mm
Hole Count 32 32
Effective Rim Diameter
(26 or 27.5)
Recommended Tire Size 2.4 in - 2.7 in 2.4 in - 2.7 in
26" Specs Front Rear Wheelset
Rim Weight 487g 487g 974g
Chris King 6B 937g 1066g 2003g
DT 240 6B 872g 982g 1854g
27.5" Specs Front Rear Wheelset
Rim Weight 509g 509g 1018g
Chris King 6B 914g 1043g 1957g
DT 240 6B 895g 1005g 1900g

M Series Pressure Recommendations

Rim Model M50 M60 M60 HV M60 Plus M70 M70 HV M90
Tire Volume 1.8-2.1 2.1-2.25 2.3-2.4 2.8-3.25 2.3-2.4 2.4-2.5 2.35-2.5
< 120 lbs. FR 20-2422-26 18-2219-23 16-2017-21 12-1314-15 16-2017-21 15-1916-20 20-2422-26
120-140 lbs FR 20-2422-26 18-2219-23 16-2017-21 13-1415-16 16-2017-21 15-1916-20 20-2422-26
140-160 lbs FR 22-2623-27 19-2320-24 17-2118-22 14-1516-17 17-2118-22 16-2017-21 23-2724-28
160-180 lbs FR 22-2624-28 20-2421-25 18-2219-23 15-1617-18 18-2219-23 17-2118-22 24-2825-29
180-200 lbs FR 24-2825-29 21-2522-26 19-2320-24 16-1718-19 19-2320-24 18-2219-23 25-2926-30
200-220 lbs FR 25-2926-30 23-2724-28 21-2522-26 17-1819-20 21-2522-26 20-2421-25 28-3229-33
220-240 lbs FR 26-3028-32 25-2926-30 23-2724-28 18-1920-21 23-2724-28 22-2623-27 29-3330-34


Tubeless Optimized


Width Optimized


Application Optimized



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M Series 90 Ten

Carbon Fiber Wheelset

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Front / Rear
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Internal Rim Width:
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Recommended Tire Size:

Rim Size

Rim Volume - Each M Series rim is optimized for specific tire volumes. Your preferred tire size should guide your decision between standard and high volume M Series wheels

  • M60 – 2.1 – 2.25" Tire Width
  • M60 HV – 2.3 – 2.4" Tire Width
  • M70 – 2.3-2.4" Tire Width
  • M70 HV – 2.4 – 2.5" Tire Width

29 Inch Wheels

  • Best speed holding
  • Best traction
  • Smoothest rolling over rough terrain and obstacles
  • Good lateral stiffness
  • Slowest accelerating
  • Best for hard tails and short travel suspension bikes

27.5 Inch Wheels

  • Best features of 29 inch and 26 inch wheels
  • Smoother than 26 inch over rough terrain and obstacles
  • Quicker acceleration than 29 inch wheels
  • Better traction than 26 inch wheels
  • Agility and handling on par with that of a 26 inch wheel
  • Best for medium to long travel suspension bikes

Spoke Count

28 Hole

  • Slightly lighter wheel build
  • Best for lighter riders
  • No difference in durability

32 Hole

  • Slightly heavier wheel build
  • Increased stiffness
  • Best for heavier or more aggressive riders

Front Axle

ENVE supports standard 100mm and boost 110mm front wheel 15mm thru-axle systems on all wheels except the M90 which uses a 20mm front axle. We can convert thru-axles to accommodate quick releases if your fork requires the use of a quick release. Front axle specifications are provided by your fork manufacturer.

Standard = 15mm x 100mm Thru-axle
Boost = 15mm x 110mm Thru-Axle

Rear Axle

Rear axle configuration is determined by your frame. You can find most in the specs section of the manufacturer website.

The most common current rear axle configuration for all-mountain bikes.
This is boost. Frames 2015 model year and newer will most likely have a "boost" rear axle configuration.
Common rear axle on DH bikes model year 2013 and older.
Most common rear axle configuration on model year 2014 and newer DH bikes.


Shimano/SRAM 10
All Shimano 10/11 speed and SRAM 10 speed component groups
All SRAM 1x11

Hub Model

DT 180 CL
DT Swiss' lightest hub with centerlock brake rotor style
DT 240 6B
DT Swiss' most popular hub with 6 bolt brake rotor style
DT 240 CL
DT Swiss' most popular hub with centerlock brake rotor style
DT 350 6B
DT Swiss' most affordable hub with 6 bolt brake rotor style
DT 350 CL
DT Swiss' most affordable hub with centerlock brake rotor style
Chris King 6B
Chris King hub with 6 bolt brake rotor style

Note: DT 180 only comes standard with a center lock brake style. Chris King only comes standard with a 6 bolt style. We can convert both of these to accommodate any build. Just call us.

Decal Colors

M Series 90 Ten

Carbon Fiber Wheelset

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Demo this Wheelset

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Rotor Size

Front Axle

Rear Axle


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  • Includes shipping to and from ENVE
  • Wheelset delivered complete & ready to ride
    (Includes: Installed Tires, Rotors, Cassete & Emergency Repair Kit)

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