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ENVE® Composites warrants all products to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of FIVE YEARS from the original purchase date (receipt required). This warranty is non-transferable and valid to the original purchaser of the product only. Claims under this warranty must be made through the appointed International Distributor. Proof of purchase is required.

• Warranty does not cover parts that have been incorrectly installed, serviced, or otherwise adjusted respective to the ENVE installation manual.
• Damaged spokes as a result of crashing, poor shifting adjustment or any other reason, are not covered by Warranty.
• Warranty does not cover damage sustained to parts used for applications beyond the scope of their intended design (ex. using XC rims for Downhill).
• ENVE Grey brake pads and brass nipples are provided with ENVE rims and complete wheel sets. Failure to use the ENVE Grey brake pads and ENVE brass nipples will void the Warranty.
• Warranty does not apply to damage related to a crash, impact, unauthorized alteration, abuse of product.
• Superficial chips and scratches on rim or components are not covered under the Warranty policy.
• Warranty does not apply to parts manufactured by other manufacturer (ex. hubs, spokes, nipples). Consult the individual manufactures for issues related to these parts.
• Warranty for ENVE tubing and other molded frame parts such as seat stays, chain stays and head tubes covered under standard two year Warranty.
• FORKS: Warning: ENVE Composites forks are not approved for tandem bicycle use. Warranty does not cover forks that are improperly installed or modified.


ENVE offers a LIFETIME Crash Replacement Policy to the original owner. Our goal with the Crash Replacement policy is to “keep” the customer in the ENVE family for life. The price of replacement product or parts is 50% off the listed MSRP price to the original purchaser (i.e., Road Fork 2.0 MSRP $480, Crash Replacement $240).

The Consumer must:
• Return the damaged part or product to an Authorized ENVE dealer or directly to the International Distributor at the Customer’s expense.
• Provide an Original Sales Receipt or Proof Of Purchase.
• Policy covers ENVE manufactured products and components only (e.g. rims, bars, forks, stems, seat posts, etc.).

Limitations of Crash Replacement:
• Non-ENVE-manufactured components (e.g. hubs, spokes, etc.) do not qualify for Crash Replacement Policy.
• Sales Tax, Freight, VAT and Import Duty are not covered by ENVE.
• Service and shipping.

Product being issued for warranty or a crash replacement needs to be submitted through the online warranty submissions portal. This process will deliver the photos directly to ENVE for inspection. ENVE engineers will determine if the product qualifies for warranty replacement or crash replacement.

• Go to www.ENVE.com, click on Dealer/Dist at bottom of homepage. This will take you to a Distributor Login screen.


• Enter Distributor Login and Password.
• Select “Return Authorization” to submit an item to be considered for a warranty claim and complete form and submit photo.
• Include clear, and high-res photos of the defective area and a photo of the serial numbers section of the rim.
• Include detailed description of what the dealer or consumer says regarding the alleged defect.
• ENVE to review claim.
• If the warranty is approved a Return Authorization will be sent with instructions to DESTROY the product.
• Distributor must upload a photo of the serial number section that has been cut out of the rim in the Product Disposal Portal. The photo must clearly show the serial numbers in the cut section. On bars, stems, posts, forks, cut the part in half and show serial numbers when possible.
• Once the photo is received of the destroyed part, a Warranty Replacement Order will be processed that will ship with Supplier’s next shipment, unless otherwise requested.
• Wheel build credit will ONLY be given upon proof of disposal.


Distributor agrees to follow Supplier warranty policy. Distributor agrees to provide warranty service and follow standard submission processes for ALL warranties and crash replacements, including those from OEM customers, within Territory.

Distributor may, at times, be required to pull product from inventory to fulfill the warranty in a timely request. Supplier commits to replace approved warranty product.

Distributor undertakes to maintain appropriate, up-to-date and accurate records. These records shall include records of deliveries to customers (including serial numbers, delivery date, name and address of Customer and contact information).
Supplier reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change the warranty policy and procedure. Supplier shall give written notice to Distributor of any change at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective date.