ENVE x Classified

Partners in Performance

ENVE's road and gravel wheel lines are now available with the option of Classified’s Powershift. The system will also be available to purchase as a complete rolling chassis on MOG, Melee, Fray, or Custom Road models.

What is Classified?

Powershift Technology is a wireless shifting system that allows you to shift gears instantly and under full load. 

The Powershift Hub offers unrivalled shift quality, high gearing range and small steps in between gears combining the benefits of both 1x and 2x.

Why Classified?

  • Aerodynamic gains by elimating the front derailleur
  • More efficiency through a straighter chainline
  • Wider Gear Range with smaller gaps between gears
  • Shift under full load up to 1500 watts
  • Competitive weight to a traditional 2x derailleur

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