A Day in Whistler with KC Deane

A mid-summer’s day in my life is pretty standard really: bikes, bikes, and more bikes. Mine come in all shapes and sizes, and being located in Whistler, it is the perfect spot for me to ride them all. I usually start my day off at about 5-5:30am with some breakfast and head to the gym to workout and swim laps in the pool. After that, I head home and get on my dirt jumper and head to the pump track or go for a pedal on my Genius LT or LT Plus. Being located in the Whistler Valley, there are all sorts of options for trail riding right from the house.

After riding for a few hours in the morning it usually warms up, and with roughly 550 lakes in British Columbia, it’s always easy to find a different lake to cool off. The Whistler Bike Park is one of the best gravity fed riding areas in the world and my afternoon usually consists of 2-4 hours spent riding the trails in the bike park, followed up by another couple of hours at the Whistler Airdome working on tricks into the foam pit. On Wednesdays and weekends, there is a motocross track here and which is a great place to end the day. Motocross is a great cross-training activity because for one it is fun, and second, all of the jumps and the speeds at which you are riding are so much higher. When I step back onto a mountain bike, I feel like everything is going slower allowing me to push my riding. I spend the rest of the week repeating the cycle until it’s time to head out on another trip or shoot and film here.