Behind The Product: Foundation 45 & 65

When ENVE moved into its new state-of-the-art carbon manufacturing and testing facility, a major milestone of progress toward becoming the carbon wheel manufacturing powerhouse was realized. With the additional learnings, capacity, and efficiency this new facility allowed, we were able to create the Foundation Collection, a completely new wheel line that holds true to ENVE’s mission of creating a better rider experience for riders outside the highest echelon of the wheel aftermarket.

The Foundation Collection consists of the 45 and 65 road wheels, AM30 mountain bike wheelset, in addition to the AG25 and AG28 gravel wheels. We’ll focus on the 45 and 65 road wheels here and break down the features and benefits they provide for everyday cyclists.

Foundation Technologies

ENVE Performance For A Wider Audience

The building blocks of creating an efficient carbon manufacturing facility were put in place over five years ago. So naturally, after over a decade of carbon rim production, we’ve become very skilled and efficient. Our lay-up technicians have a combined experience of nearly 50 years of carbon rim crafting.

Finding the nooks and crannies of production that would net cost-savings, however, was still a difficult task. Truly, the effort was a practice in becoming meticulous and precise with work instructions, reducing waste, and improving manufacturing efficiencies.

By offering the 45 and 65 only in disc brake and reducing the number of hub choices, complexities are significantly reduced compared to our SES road wheel line, which ultimately factors into the cost difference. Both the 45 and 65 are wheelsets with true value and performance that are built upon the experience of ENVE and are still made in the USA.

Fast And Stable

Aerodynamics is an unalienable right for road cyclists and triathletes that allow for greater efficiency and confidence-inspiring handling, regardless of wind conditions. With over a decade’s experience in developing some of the world’s fastest wheels, we are uniquely qualified to deliver best-in-class aerodynamics to the Foundation 45 and 65. From the rim shaping and width, we’ve achieved not just a fast wheel but a stable wheel in varying crosswinds. In addition, testing at the Mercedes Benz F1 wind tunnel in the UK showed aero performance within the range of our premium SES wheels. That means a faster century ride, more PRs, hanging with the group ride instead of dangling off the back, or better results at your races.

Road Tubeless For All

Road tubeless is the most reliable, efficient, and dependable wheel and tire setup on the market. It’s been uncontested in both the lab or out on the field for rolling resistance and flat prevention. For this reason, we’ve incorporated hookless tubeless technology into both the 45 and 65. This means rims that are molded to more exacting tolerances, and like all of ENVE’s rims, follow the ETRTO standard. Ultimately, that results in easier tubeless setups and safety for you. Whether you use an ENVE SES Tubeless Tire or another tire from our approved list, the tubeless experience will exceed anything else out there. Flat less, ride more.

Pothole Protection

Building into the benefits of a tubeless technology that’s hookless, we can incorporate our pinch flat protection technologies. First created in our M Series mountain wheels, the Wide Hookless Bead works in a way to disperse impact energy when a tire comes into contact with the rim. Essentially, we made the rim sidewall less of a blade, and more of a butter knife, resulting in a 50% reduction of pinch flatting and a stronger rim. This technology is implemented in the Foundation 45 and 65 to help protect you against potholes and pinch flats. Riding time shouldn’t be disrupted by flats that can be otherwise avoided through superior rim technology.

ENVE Worthy

Creating a better ride is a core company value and a goal of every project. Bringing this to a wider audience while delivering the industry-leading Lifetime Incident Protection and 5-Year Warranty found on our SES, M Series, and G Series wheels proves our commitment to the quality and durability of the Foundation Collection.