Bike Check - Mike Swim

Dosnoventa x ENVE

Frame: Dosnoventa Los Angeles – Santa Monica Colorway
Wheels: ENVE 4.5 AR w/ custom Philwood Track Hubs
Drivetrain: Vision Track Crankset 49t chainring, Dura-Ace Rear Cog 14t
BB: FSA 386 MegaEvo BB
Handlebars: ENVE Road Bar
Stem: ENVE Road Stem 100m
Headset: Chris King Dropset 2
Grips: ENVE Bar Tape
Tires: ENVE SES Tires 29c
Brakes: Brakeless
Seatpost: ENVE Carbon Seatpost

If you’ve never ridden a fixed gear it can be hard to describe the complex emotional roller coaster that such a simple bike can provide. No brakes, no shifters, and no coasting. It’s a unique ride experience requiring a rider to be present, and in the moment, 100% of the time. Routine rides become a race against your own mind as cars, stop signs, traffic lights, and an increasing cadence force the bike pilot to constantly change their plan of attack on the upcoming road. Do you mash pedals to make the green light 5 blocks ahead? Can you make that last second turn merging into crossing traffic? How fast can you slow down by skidding? Have your legs ever burned from sprinting an entire downhill? If you’ve become complacent on your daily bike ride it’s safe to say a simple fixed gear bike can open your mind to a different way of cycling.

Our in-house video guy Mike Swim is unique and chooses a fixed gear as his bike of choice when not riding on dirt. With a huge, ‘Thank You’ to the Dosnoventa crew, he was able to build up his dream city street masher. This was meant to be a bike ready to handle the variety of roads Salt Lake City provides; fast downtown streets, winding bike paths by the university, and fast canyons hidden in the foothills. It’s an all-road fixed city smasher.

He chose a Dosnoventa Los Angeles track frame with a custom set of wheels pairing ENVE 4.5 AR rims to Philwood Track Hubs. The lightweight alloy frame with stiff Vision Track crankset is perfect for racing friends through stop lights while the ENVE AR rims with 29c tires rims provide a fast and smooth ride over bumpy city streets. ENVE bars, stem, and a carbon seatpost provide comfortable, lightweight cockpit. To finish off the build are custom decals color matched to the Santa Monica colorway of the frame. Each decal provides a 1 watt advantage for an approximate total of 12 watts when compared to standard black or white decals. Be sure to stay tuned to ENVE’s Youtube, Instagram, and Vimeo to see the finished products of Mike’s daily grind behind the lens. Also check out his ig @mikezswim to get a glimpse behind-the-scenes of any ENVE content team shenanigans.