Campfire Chats with Chris and Henrik

Photos: Steffen Weigold

Over the past weekend, the Rapha Clubhouse in Berlin brought together Henrik Orre, author or VeloChef, Chris “Dangerous” Grahn of The Hives, and ENVE for “Campfire Talk”. The evening featured these speakers and their discussions on gravel, adventure biking, and the new Velochef book, “Outside is Free”, as well as a film showing about the book. ENVE European Director, Ken Bloomer, spoke about the developments of gravel cycling as well as fielding questions about bike setups. Following the talk, guests could purchase the latest Velochef book and sample some of the tasty-smokey treats Henrk prepared from the book.

The following day, over a hundred cyclists gathered for a proper gravel ride north of Berlin. With nearly perfect fall weather, the sunshine and crisp air provided great scenery as the group rolled through the countryside. A golden brown layer of leaves covered the pathways, roads, and trails. The group passed many historical sights left over from WWII and the Cold War. These sights were mixed in with old farmhouses and villages that were surrounded by the immense deciduous forests filled with large hardwood trees. After a long 80km of cobbles and gravel, all were welcomed back at the Rapha Clubhouse with warm coffee and seasonal appropriate bowls of chilli. We’d like to thank Rapha and their staff at the Berlin Club House for the terrific two days and amazing hospitality.