ENVE Rides - AJ

Ride by AJ Turner

Without a doubt, Ogden’s Indian Trail remains one of my favorite mountain bike rides. It’s easily the toughest and most technical trail within lunch-riding distance from the office, and also provides maximum amounts of silly fun on the descent.

From ENVE HQ, it’s an immediate uphill slog that doesn’t stop for another 30 minutes. High exposure and narrow sections require your entire focus on the climb; a strong set of legs on the steep sections helps, too. The very top even requires a fair amount of hike-a-bike. While most of dislike having to dismount, I think it adds to the adventure.

Descending starts with straight, wicked-fast sections. These are quickly followed up with twists and turns that provide plenty of two-wheel drifting opportunities if you’re up for pushing the limits of your tires. Wide rims and low pressures are the name of the game, here.

A scenic road cruise back to the office provides a refreshing cool down from the lung- and leg-buster that Indian Trail just dished out during the one-hour ride.