ENVE Wins at French Downhill Cup

Photos by Keno Derleyn

For the past few years, the French have dominated the Downhill World Cup series, with ENVE’s own riders contending for the podium in the major divisions. It was no surprise then that the French Cup had some of the most intense racing of the year. ENVE’s showing was impressive, with the Commencal/Muc-Off team on the podium in both men’s and women’s events. World Champion Myriam Nicole placed on the top step of the women’s podium, and Thibaut Daprela edged out the men’s competition in third.


This was Myriam’s first race of the year, showing she is stronger than ever, and a consistent rider who can perform under pressure. Competition was fierce, with Tracey Hannah and Marine Cabirou rounding out the podium, both top racers on the World Cup circuit.

Thibaut’s win was also impressive, as 2020 is his first year in the men’s division, advancing from junior’s in 2019. His times in the junior division were impressive, beating the competition by large margins, and finishing with times that would be top ten finishes in the men’s division. He looks to be a breakout competitor with a bright future.

Fellow team riders Rémi Thirion and Thibaut Ruffin rounded out the results in 15th and 30th place.

The Commencal/Muc-Off team rides ENVE’s M930 wheels, which are fully carbon, handmade in the USA and downhill rated. They’ve performed consistently under team Commencal/Muc-Off and have a history of reliability among various downhill teams and freeriders. The M930s feature ENVE’s patent-pending Protective Rim Strip, which provides pinch flat protection and acts as a run-flat solution so riders can finish their run in the case of tire failure. The team runs the strong-yet-compliant ENVE M9 31.8mm downhill handlebar as their cockpit of choice.