Faces of Cross

Photos: Jeff Curtes

Crisp autumn air, the smell of embrocation on the start line, and anaerobic bike racing across muddy fields can only mean one thing: cyclocross season. Like many cyclists, we at ENVE have a deep passion for the discipline and spend much of the year looking forward to fall and the opportunity to brave the elements and endure an hour in a cacophony of ringing cowbells, heckling fans, and hand-ups.

What makes cyclocross so appealing for many? Is it the thrill of trying to stay composed, while gassed, and navigating a technical section of the course? Maybe it’s the adrenaline that comes from a well-timed attack? Perhaps it’s a perfectly executed barrier section, honed from hours of practice, when you are completely redlined? Or is it the camaraderie of battling bar-to-bar with a competitor for 60 minutes and afterwards sharing a beer and reliving events of the race?

Cross is a new adventure every weekend on varying courses and different weather conditions. These dynamic elements add a uniqueness in that certain circumstances might favor a racer one weekend and hinder them the next. Maybe that’s what keeps us coming back for more. What is constant throughout the season though? The competition is always fierce and it is the hardest you will push yourself and the most fun you can have on two wheels.