Historic Utah ride with MAAP

Utah offers a wide spectrum of landscapes and geography. Because of this diversity, it’s host to many landmarks – through historic moments and modern art.

The ride to Northern Utah provides a glimpse into all of these parts of Utah. Gravel roads, mountain-ridges, The Great Salt Lake, Golden Spike, and Spiral Jetty, just to name a few.

Inspiration is best derived from wandering into these wild areas. Golden Spike marked the important meeting of East and West in the United States, while the creation of Spiral Jetty became internationally known in the art movement of earthwork sculpture.

Through visiting these places of innovation, and inspiration – we teamed up with MAAP to create the ENVE x MAAP collaboration. Highly functional, performance kits with a unique style. Matched design in both function and fashion to the wide array of places you will ride. Go fast, get dirty, wash and repeat.

Enter to Win The Field Pack

It includes an ENVE x MAAP Jersey, Bib & Vest plus a MAAP M-Flag All Weather Jacket & ENVE Handle Bars. Click Here to Enter!