How to Hit Drops and Jumps with Miranda Miller

We’ve all been there: riding up to a feature that looks doable, but is just outside of your comfort zone. Miranda Miller, Downhill World Champion and EWS racer for Kona, released a series of videos highlighting her process for pushing her limits and conquering new features. She takes on the Brutus drop in North Vancouver, an infamous blind road gap with big consequences.

Her process for getting to the next level is inspiring, and one us mortals can replicate on our own level. We gleaned some tips and tricks from her video that are quite useful:

  • Know your current skill level, and if a feature isn’t realistically within reach, build up to it first
  • Scope out everything beforehand
  • Go with friends who have already hit the feature
  • Follow other riders in to get a feel for the speed
  • If you aren’t feeling it on a given day, come back another time
  • If you’re feeling good, send it!

We’re stoked to be part of the Kona Gravity team, and are rooting for Miranda’s continued success. Her wheel of choice is ENVE’s trail bruiser, the M7.

Part 1: The Build Up

Part 2: Hitting the Goal