Joey Schusler Bike Check

Joey Schusler is steadily becoming synonymous with mountain-bike-packing. His truly epic film endeavors have taken him all over the world to meet great mountain bikers and ride trails that most of us can only dream about.

With the growing segment of gravel, however, and it’s many forms – Schusler jumped in with his own unique twists. Putting the smaller diameter 27.5 or 650b ENVE G27 wheels on his bike, he keeps with his mountain biking style. “While it’s a gravel bike, I am a mountain biker by nature, and in turn find myself treating this bike as a proper mountain bike more often than not. I can’t help myself, “ said Schusler about the build.

Schusler used the bike on a 10-day ride down the coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles this past fall, riding mostly dirt and gravel roads. Building out the bike with the ENVE G Series Gravel Handlebar allowed Schusler to carry more camping gear for the trip. “I went with the 48cm/60cm width on the bars for two reasons. One, I wanted to err on the wider side, as that is more of what I am used to with my MTB setup…Two, the wider bars allow for some good space in-between the hoods for a front bag. It’s an ideal setup, really” said Schusler.

It’s easy to see how Schusler transfers over his mountain biking experience to a gravel bike. His choices on the bike build are specific to his needs and riding style. When asked about how he specifically uses the bike, Schusler replied, “Honestly, it’s the smaller rides from home I cherish the most…It’s little mini bikepacking missions with friends that recharge the soul and make for some of the best memories.”

Check out one of Schusler’s latest videos highlighting those very mountains in his own backyard, and re-telling some of his legendary stories: True Story: Joey Schusler. We’re excited to see where Joey takes this newest build, and as always – we’ll be sure to share his latest videos and stories here on our journal. Follow along @JoeySchusler and @ENVEComposites.

Frame – Open x Yeti UP Collaboration
Drivetrain – SRAM AXS (Mullet Setup)
Wheels ENVE G27 /ENVE Alloy Hubs
Handlebars ENVE G Series 48cm with 60cm Drops
Stem ENVE Road Stem
Seatpost ENVE Seatpost
Tires – Ultradynamico Rose Brevet
Saddle – Brooks