Ride Fuel - Creamy Nutella Protein Smoothie

Words and Photos by Lottie Bildirici

Nutella is a classic flavor loved by all and, when translated into a healthy smoothie, equals perfection! This smoothie is not too heavy and has a nice balance of protein, thanks to the tofu, and carbohydrates, thanks to the banana. It’s also really low in fat. (Keep in mind post workout fat slows down the absorption of your food so avoiding fats post workout will help you better absorb the nutrients in your food right away.)

Don’t love banana? You can omit it and add a few dates for sweetness instead. You can have fun with this recipe and make it your own! But I personally love the combination of hazelnut flavor, chocolate and a creamy silken texture. Wether you’re sipping this post workout or just enjoying it as a morning smoothie, it will be sure to satisfy those sweet cravings and keep you full all morning long!



    1. In a high speed blender combine all the ingredients. Garnish with your favorite toppings coconut, nuts, chocolate chips.