U.S. Made By Choice

We proudly manufacture 100% of our carbon fiber wheel products in Ogden, Utah. That’s something that we’ve maintained since day one, going back to our founding more than 12 years ago, and we’re proud to be one of the few cycling brands to have U.S. carbon manufacturing. There are a number of reasons why U.S. manufacturing allows us to create a superior product, and be a better brand for our customers.

This is why U.S.-made matters.

Faster Innovation

Because the entire process from conception to production happens under one roof, we can cut molds for new product concepts in days as opposed to months. This means we are able to make as many prototypes as we desire, and laminate changes happen in real-time. Rather than just operating as a design company, having our hands on every step of the process allows us to adapt quickly when changes are necessary. Additionally, it also allows us to bring a new product to market faster with dozens, and sometimes even hundreds more iterations than when we are using an overseas vendor.

Dynamic Manufacturing

Controlling our own manufacturing allows agility in a number of ways that ultimately benefit our customers. First, the ability to make rims to order, rather than having a large stock sitting on the shelves, allows us to only make what’s being sold. A second clear benefit to dynamic manufacturing is something that ENVE is renowned for, and that’s our extensive range of rim options, 40 in fact. If we did not have in-house manufacturing, and our build-to-order process in place, it would be unthinkable to offer all those options. We strive to offer the perfect wheel for each of our customers, and made in the U.S. allows us to do just that.

Cost reduction, at what price?

Could we save money if we outsourced the manufacturing of our wheels? If you are looking simply at the bottom line, yes, we likely could. But we’re confident there’s more to it than that.

  • The carbon manufacturing process is hard. It is complex. It takes a new lay-up technician at ENVE six months of training before they are certified to lay-up a production wheel, and a carbon rim is only as good as the process. If, at any time, the process has a problem, we have 200 vested employees who can make it right within days, not weeks.
  • Among those 200 employees are engineers and quality control specialists who highly value the fact that they are not spending months out of every year traveling overseas. Having happy employees is key to having good employees that can produce the best product.
  • We hold a number of patents and technologies in our rim construction that would no longer be unique to ENVE if manufacturing was outsourced. Maintaining our intellectual property is just one more advantage to controlling the entire process, and ensuring that the ENVE ride and ownership experience is the best around.
  • Our new Lifetime Incident Protection is a clear example of our confidence in our process and product. If you do have an issue, our entire customer service team located in Ogden, at the same facility the rim is made, is just a phone call or email away.

Although not everything that bears the ENVE logo is manufactured in the U.S., we are proud to continue delivering rims, and a number of other components from within the walls of our Ogden, Utah, USA facility. Manufacturing in the U.S. doesn’t intrinsically create a superior product, it’s the process we’re able to follow that ultimately makes all the difference.