What is ATB? Short for All Terrain Bicycle, it goes back to the early days of mountain bikes before suspension and linkages transitioned the MTB from clunker status to what we know today. The All-Terrain Bicycle is much closer in DNA to the gravel bike nowadays but follows few rules in how it’s built and the terrain it can handle. A proper ATB would have a varied mix of mountain bike and road parts, with options of drop bar or flat bar, wide-range gearing, and tire sizes that rival any MTB on the market. There’s also a mindset with rider mindset that’s a differentiator. The All-Terrain rider would choose adventure, problem-solving, and life-affirming experiences over speed every single time.

The All Terrain Bicycle Challenge is about reintroducing the ATB, the varied setup options, the terrain that can be tackled, and of course finding the contestants’ breaking point. To create each contestant’s ultimate ATB, they were given an ENVE ATB Kit + Crust Bombora ATB Edition Frame + Ultradynamico ATB tires + Shimano ATB groupset. From there, they were able to select 650b vs. 700c wheels and tires, drop bar vs. flat bar, clipless vs. flat pedals—based on their riding style, experience and course expectations. As you’ll see below, the builds were as varied as the contestants themselves.

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