Project: Phase II

Reach The Next Phase In Your Cycling Career

Racing is hard. Getting the opportunity to race in some of the biggest events is even harder. We’re making these things easier for two young athletes.

Phase II is about giving two young athletes the opportunity to compete in three of the Life Time Grand Prix events with pro-level equipment, mechanic support, and mentorship. The mission is to create a successful and sustainable pathway from high school leagues to a potential professional cycling career that can be copied and used by other athletes/companies as the development pathways grow. There is a large gap between high school racing and the biggest races in the U.S., making it very tough to jump into the Life Time Grand Prix as an 18 year old, Phase II provides the stepping stone needed for a young athlete dreaming of a career as a bike racer.  

In addition to the product and racing support, we’ll be capturing the story and sharing the athlete's journey through videos beginning with the visit to ENVE headquarters, and at all three races. Applications are open until February 16th. See the details below.

"When I was growing up racing in the US, there was a defined pathway to a professional career. For years I traced my path from local results as a junior to the National Championships, World Championships and eventually professional cycling. I often get asked what is the next step after NICA, or a good result in a local race. For a couple years I haven’t had a great answer, but finally I am in a position to help change that. I view Phase II as a chance to not only show two amazing athletes what it takes to be a professional cyclist, but also to allow them to meet the people working at companies who can make that dream a reality. Bike racing is about training hard, while also cultivating relationships and learning how to balance everything going on in your life. Take a leap with me as we tour the Wonka Factory that is Professional Bike racing in the US, and find out if you have what it takes to survive."

- Alexey Vermeulen

The Events

  • ENVE camp at headquarters in March
  • UNBOUND 100 in Emporia, Kansas
  • Crusher In The Tushar in Beaver, Utah
  • Big Sugar 50 in Bentonville, Arkansas



  • Must be between the age of 18 and 23 (on February 5th, 2024)
  • Willing to take part in content shoots at each event
  • Must train and race on the provided equipment 
  • Equipment is owned by the equipment partner until the rider has fulfilled their obligation of attending and competing at the events
  • Riders will be selected based on previous race results, training/race data, and a subjective process to evaluate athletes ability to be successful in a team dynamic
  • U.S. based athlete
  • Phase II applications close on February 16th
  • The selected riders will be notified by February 23rd