What's in the Box - Melee

Package PN Description
Fork (Rake is Frame Size Dependent)
Installed On Fork 200-2009-008 Front Axle
Installed On Frame 000-0050-951 Rear Axle 
Installed On Frame 100-5003-014 Front Derailleur Mount
Installed On Frame 100-5003-013 Rear Derailleur Hanger
Installed On frame 000-0050-903 M5 Button Head Accessory Bolts (M5x0.8x13mm, Button Head)
Installed On Frame 000-0050-946 Fender Mount Set Screws (M5x0.8x10mm)
Installed On Frame 100-5003-904 Chainstay Protector
Disc Brake Rotor Protector
In Bag 100-5003-903 Front Derailleur Housing Grommet
Front Derailleur Di2 Grommet
Front Derailleur Cable Hole Grommet
In Bag 100-5003-901 Seatpost Clamp Kit
In Bag 100-5003-014 Headset Kit
In Bag 100-5003-XXX Top Headset Bearing Cover (Frame Color Dependent)
In Bag 200-0000-032 Fork Compression Plug
In Bag 000-1000-971 Fork Brake Caliper Bolts and Washers (M5x0.8x40mm Torx Button Head Screw, SS)
In Bag Owner's Manual
In Bag Torque Wrench (Includes Extra Accessory Bits)
In Bag Frame Finishing Kit (Cable Sheathing, Heat Shrink, Padded Foam)