What's in the Box - MOG

Package PN Description
Fork (Rake is Frame Size Dependent)
Installed On Fork 200-2009-008 Front Axle
Installed On Frame 000-0050-951 Rear Axle 
Installed On Frame UDH Rear Derailleur Hanger and Bolt
Installed On Frame 100-5004-901 Front Derailleur Mount and Screws (M5x0.8x12mm Flat Head Hex, SS)
Installed On frame 000-0050-903 M5 Button Head Accessory Bolts (M5x0.8x13mm, Button Head)
Installed On Frame 000-0050-946 Fender Mount Set Screws (M5x0.8x10mm)
Installed On Frame 100-5003-902 MOG Chainstay Protector Kit and Screws (M4x0.7x12mm Flat Head)
Installed On Frame 100-5004-024 MOG Downtube Guard
Installed On Frame 100-5006-XXX Frame Door and Latch (Frame Color Dependent)
Installed On Frame 100-5004-017 Cargo Bay Door Gasket
Installed On Frame 100-5004-904 Cargo Bay Door Hardware
Installed On Frame 100-5004-032 Cargo Bay Latch Anti-Friction Sticker
In Bag 100-5004-905 ENVE Seatpost Collar (27.2) and Bolt (M5x0.8x17mm w/Washer, Ti)
In Bag 100-5004-906 6mm Cable Routing Hole Plug
Di2 Wire Cable Grommet
Blank Cable Grommet
Shift Housing Cable Grommet
In Bag 100-5003-901 Seatpost Clamp Kit
In Bag 100-5003-015 Headset Kit
In Bag 100-5004-XXX Top Headset Bearing Cover (Frame Color Dependent)
In Bag 200-0000-032 Fork Compression Plug
In Bag 100-5004-027 Cargo Bay Storage Bags (2)
In Bag 100-5004-028 Cable Management Strap
In Bag Owner's Manual
In Bag Torque Wrench (Includes Extra Accessory Bits)
In Bag Frame Finishing Kit (Cable Sheathing, Heat Shrink, Padded Foam)