Tubeless Tape
Tubeless Tape

Tubeless Tape


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Tubeless tape specifically designed for ENVE rim widths and depths. Our tubeless tape with just one layer of taping achieves the designed bead seat diameter for optimal tubeless setup that is both easy and safe. Find your specific rim, corresponding width, and select your tape roll that provides enough tape for 3 rims.

Rim Tape Widths

Rim Model Inner Rim Width Tape Width
SES 2.2 18.5mm 25mm
SES 2.3 - 2022 21mm 25mm
SES 3.4 (Rim and Disc) 21mm 25mm
SES 3.4 AR 25mm 29mm
SES 3.4 - 2022 25mm 29mm
SES 4.5 Rim Strip
SES 4.5 AR 25mm 29mm
SES 4.5 - 2022 25mm 29mm
SES 5.6 (Rim and Disc) 21mm 25mm
SES 6.7 - 2022 23mm 26.5
SES 7.8 (Rim and Disc) 21mm 25mm
SES Disc (Rim and Disc) 21mm 25mm
G23 23mm 26.5mm
G27 27mm 30.5mm
M525 25mm 29mm
M630 30mm 33.5mm
M635 35mm 39mm
M640 40mm 43.5mm
M685 85mm 43.5mm
M730 30mm M Series Rim Strip
M735 35mm M Series Rim Strip
M930 30mm M Series Rim Strip
ENVE 45 21mm 25mm
ENVE 65 21mm 25mm
AG25 25mm 29mm
AG28 28mm 30.5mm
AM30 30mm 33.5mm
M50 21mm 25mm
M60 23mm 26.5mm
M60HV 26mm 30.5mm
M70 25mm 29mm
M70HV 30mm 33.5mm
M90 25mm 29mm
XC 18mm 25mm
AM 24mm 29mm
DH 24mm 29mm

Tape Width
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