A Day in Barcelona with Legor Cicli

As the sun slowly rises over the ocean, The Spanish coastline fills with a warm glow. The Catalan streets awaken with cars, cyclists, and foot traffic spreading vibrant energy through the city. Descending from the hillsides, Mattia Paganotti finds his flow on the way towards the city center using banks and curves to craft riding lines that will inspire his next build. He rides with a style that reflects the liveliness of his personality and the playground that Barcelona provides.

Cycling is a way of life for the founder of Legor Cicli. A bicycle carries him from home, to his workshop, and anywhere in between. Day after day,his hands are kept busy building custom works of art for cyclists around the globe. Years and years as an apprentice refined his craftsmanship and technical skill, while a lifetime of skating, racing, and riding have shaped the style of both how he rides and creates bicycles. Sticking to a single category of bikes isn’t enough for him. Road, mountain, gravel, cyclocross, and even tandem bikes are the products of his hands and the vehicles on which you’ll find Mattia riding to work, riding for fun, riding all the time.

Spend one week in Barcelona and you’ll find that the city seems to be made for bicycles. Single track trails begin in the hillsides and slowly become flowing streets that wind their way down through the heart of the city towards the ocean. Public spaces provide a playground of creativity filled with jumps and jibs for those who lean towards a more playful type of riding. Wide streets offer up a tarmac race track for those seeking to push their speed. Barcelona is welcoming to all types of bicycles, offering up terrain choices that are as dynamic as the culture spread throughout it’s spiderweb of ancient back alleys and modern shopping complexes.