Athlete Spotlight – Vancouver’s Freeride Star Caleb Holonko

You’ve likely seen the edit Caleb Holonko released in 2022, where he decided to turn a lily pad drop into… just a drop. Topping it off with a train-gap backflip, the video was a hit, bringing his riding to basically all of the internet. If you haven’t seen it, stop what you’re doing and check it out. 

Caleb is back with a fresh edit showing off his ability to keep the rubber side down on some of the slickest, nastiest conditions the North Shore has to offer. The locals have a name for the ice-like roots in the winter – Shore Snakes. They’re ready to strike at any moment.

Getting to Know Caleb

Where did Caleb start, what has he done to elevate himself to the next level, and where is he going? We caught up with him to get a greater insight into what’s happening in his mind.

How long have you been riding and how’d you get into it?

Well, I found out about our local scene after a family from Baltimore moved into our neighbourhood (North Vancouver) when I was 9. The two boys were around my age and got super involved and obsessed with the MTB scene. Their interest in the sport shaped our friend group into a bunch of bike obsessed kids. I wasn’t serious about riding until I was like 14. I started out scraping pennies, mowing lawns and doing chores to save up for my first Dirt Jump bike. The rest followed pretty naturally but not without some dedication. I’d always been infatuated with tricks and learning how to ride more difficult terrain but I never thought I’d make it this far!

You’ve seemed to blow up in the past two years, what have you been doing?

I guess so, haha! I’ve been on a steady upswing for a while but I think my level of riding has caught up with what my brain thinks is possible. I’ve kind of found my lane/niche and applied my skill set in unique ways that set me apart from your regular social media influencer. The way I ride is how I want to ride, and posting about it seems to get me traction within the industry, so why not share what I love to do!

You’ve dug at Rampage for a few years now, what’s that like?

Rampage eh! Fersure. I’ve dug for 3 years and it’s the wildest thing you could ever be a part of or watch. The event isn’t just the riding, it’s the building Olympics, the Free Ride gauntlet and the test of metal. You find another gear and have to dig so deep into your tank. It’s all for the love of what we want to see on this side of the sport and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Rampage is mentally and physically demanding for the riders, beyond anything that can be portrayed in an article or video. There’s nothing grittier than putting everything into one trail for 8 days. I love it.

What have been some of your favorite riding moments from the last few years? And no you don’t have to say the ENVE Gravity Tour…

Too many to decide! Most of my favourite moments happen at home riding with my friends. The trails are so fun and the local crew is never having a bad time! Some stand out moments for me, away from home, have to be riding in Wales at the Revolution Bike Park this spring, alongside Miranda Miller. That place is so special and has some very unique trails/builds. Another great moment was riding at Coast Gravity Park for my buddy Eric’s stag. The amount and skill level of riders that turned up was unbelievable. Hard to beat a private session at that place!


What are your plans for next year?

Lots of building, lots of riding and more great times! I’m hoping to get build permits approved, as soon as possible, so we can resurrect our home trail network and bring it back up to modern standards and style! I may be traveling a fair bit but for now, just focussing on finishing videos and achieving my goals as a builder and rider.


Favorite thing about your wheels?

Favourite thing about your product has to be the stiffness of the rims. I love a snappy, strong rim that can take any punch I throw. Our terrain is absurd, it destroys products. Having a protective rim strip to keep the rim