ENVE @ 10: Top 10 Innovations



As we come to the end of our 10th anniversary year, we’re looking back at some of the great things to happen along the way. When free-thinking design meets leading carbon fiber expertise, great things happen. Here are ENVE’s top 10 innovations of the last 10 years.

Pinch-flats suck, and so do ride-numbing heavy tires and inserts. Our pioneering Protective Rim Strip consigns all of that to history for gravity riders on our new M7 and M9 wheels. It absorbs and dissipates energy, and completely seals the air chamber so you won’t flat even in the event of a massive impact causing damage to the rim. In short, you can shred on your ideal tires and pressures without fear of pinch-flats.

Read more about the pinch-flat killing tech in the M Series line here: https://enve.com/pinch-flats-the-ultimate-buzzkill/

Check out the M Series here: M Series With Protective Rim Strip

Even we struggled to believe what we achieved with our second generation of SES aero road wheels – untouchable real-world speed and stability, all thanks to an incredible breakthrough by aerodynamicist Simon Smart. The original SES wheels opened riders’ eyes to the value of stability and the opportunity of attaining it without sacrificing speed. Gen2 took those ideas forward with a giant leap.

Read more about what makes the latest SES wheels so fast in the real world here: https://enve.com/real-world-fast/

Check out the SES line here: Gen II SES Lineup

Very simply, we solved carbon rim braking with our textured brake track. With near equal wet and dry performance, 30% less lever force required for the same stopping power and exceptional heat management, it’s no wonder that BikeRadar.com said our latest brake track “sets new standards for carbon wheels”. Your rim brake bike will be given a huge braking performance boost.

Check out our rim-brake SES road wheels here: SES Rim Brake Wheelsets

Road bars with aero profile top sections had been done before but failed to address the large object connected to the handlebar – you. The SES Aero Road Bar is narrower at the hoods by 5cm, pulling your arms in and reducing your frontal area. The drops flare out to the sized width, creating huge wrist clearance that sprinters and crit racers in particular quickly fall in love with.

Check out the updated SES Aero Road Bar here: SES Aero Road Bar

We’d long wanted a superlight stem with enduro levels of durability, even though the common consensus was that carbon stems had no place beyond XC racing. It wasn’t easy – we went through more prototypes of this than any product before or since – but we got there. The Carbon Mountain Stem is laid up by hand in Ogden, Utah, and stands alone in the market, with a strength-to-weight ratio that is beyond compare.

Check out the Carbon Mountain Stem here: Carbon Mountain Stem

There is no better example of our free thinking, nor of the direct benefits of our close partnership with Team Dimension Data, than the 4.5 AR. In the spring of 2015, our engineers had attended a training camp ahead of the cobbled Classics, saw the team using 30mm tires, and realized that they needed equally wide rims to preserve aero performance, and that disc brakes now made that possible. The team loves them for the cobbles; thousands of other riders love them for everything from rough asphalt to gravel. Smooth, fast, game changing.

Check out the SES 4.5 AR here: SES 4.5 AR

From day one, we chose to mold our spoke and valve holes, rather than drill them. Drilling holes in carbon fiber weakens that area, so it has to be reinforced with extra material, adding weight and compromising the lay-up’s focus on ride quality. Molded holes are more laborious to manufacture but this patented feature stands as an example of the commitment to the best ride experience that we have always cherished and always will.

In 2010, hardly anyone thought carbon fiber wheels had a place in downhill racing, but we did. What’s more, we believed that we could deliver greater strength and reliability at a lower weight that would boost suspension performance and ride quality. The Santa Cruz Syndicate signed up to race on our first generation of prototype rims and won straight out the gate at rd1. As much as the results, which continued to pour in, the real story was in the reliability. During 2009 the team had wrecked some 180 alloy wheels; in 2010 we replaced just 53 carbon rims and then only 11 the following year. The doubters fell silent and carbon rims now dominate downhill racing.

Check out the latest M Series line here: Gen II M Series

Right from the early days, it had been a dream to produce our own carbon fiber hub. After a lengthy R&D process, the Carbon Road Hub was born, unlike anything else. The shell and flanges are made in one piece from continuous carbon fibers, and the spoke holes are molded, as in our rims, not drilled. The result is increased stiffness and strength at just 74g front and 158g rear. Dream fulfilled.

Check out the Carbon Road Hub here: Carbon Road Hub

Debuting on the recently launched second-generation M5 and M6 trail wheels, the Wide Hookless Bead broadens the bead by 50%, dissipating forces across a greater area and massively increasing both pinch-flat protection and impact strength. The result? You’re free to run the best performing tires at optimum pressures and enjoy the greatest ride experience.

Read more about the pinch-flat killing tech in the M Series line here: https://enve.com/pinch-flats-the-ultimate-buzzkill/

Check out the M Series here: M Series with Wide Hookless Bead