ENVE AM30 Review Roundup: What’s the Scoop?

The AM30 is ENVE’s newest mountain wheel offering, coming in at a new price point while retaining our quality and reliability standards. It’s become a quick favorite around the office, among our partners, and most notably, among the media.

Rather than us telling you how good the AM30 is, we’ll let the media share their thoughts after extensive testing.


“Enve headed down a different route with the AM30 wheels, and it paid off. The new rim profile, external nipples, and the lower price compared to Enve’s previous offerings are all welcome changes. The fact that they felt great out on the trail, and held up well without any durability issues is even better.”

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“ENVE has made a concerted effort to not only deliver a wheelset at a much lower price point than any of their previous offerings, but also to deliver on some specific design goals regarding ride feel. At $1600 the AM30 is still not a cheap wheel by any means, but it certainly provides value for money. Offset and molded spoke holes, wide rim beads and an excellent choice of hub all contribute to a great rider experience, with tangible benefits out on the trail. The more compliant rim profile translates to a little extra comfort in action, and the excellent warranty and lifetime incident protection plan also help justify the price tag.”

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Outdoor Gear Lab

These American-made wheels are priced competitively compared to similar carbon models… They offer crisp handling, rapid acceleration, and a set-and-forget simplicity.

“Conclusion: The Enve AM30 is a versatile, high-quality wheelset that will please a multitude of riders of different disciplines.”

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The Loam Wolf

“After a few miles pointed uphill, we noted the smooth and snappy acceleration that is quite familiar from any of ENVE’s wheelsIt actually gave me a couple personal best times on descents I ride often”

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“Overall, the rims are very burly, and you can push them a lot harder than you’d expect with something bearing an ‘All Mountain’ label... They’re a damn good set of American made wheels at a good price with great backing.”

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“Once I made it up to Big Bear, I really started to like the feel of ENVE wheels. High speed jumps and berms, the stiff carbon wheels really help hold momentum through these sections. To no surprise, the AM30’s felt great up there, with no issues even riding some outside the park raw trails, they took the riding abuse with ease. Not once in the 4-6 months of riding these wheels did I have to true or tension them. Tons of riding, I wore through 3 back tires any not one issue with the wheels.”

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Who are they for? Apparently, they’re for folks like me. I like to ride difficult and technical trails, I like to ride flowy, smooth trails too. I spend a little bit of time in the air and I unsuccessfully try to peel my tires off my rims in the corners. I rarely shuttle and spend a fair amount of time climbing. You could say I’m an average joe and I like to ride my bike just about everywhere. I think the AM30s are going to be a great wheel for the vast majority of riders out there. Within Enve’s lineup there are more specialist wheels (M630 for being light and quick, M730 for being bombproof), but the AM30s are very well-rounded and suited for a wide variety of riders. They’re also for the rider who wants a premium wheel, packed with features for a reasonable, or at least competitive, amount of money.”

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