ENVE Rides - Ken

Location: Italian Dolomites
Start point: Fontanazzo
Distance: 50 miles
Elevation: 8,026ft
Est. time: 3.5-4.5 hours

One of Ken’s most memorable road rides is the Selle Ronde. Often featured in the Giro di Italia, it’s cradled in the Italian region of South Tirol, right in the middle of the Dolomites. As you might expect, it’s incredibly scenic. Ken elaborates: “It’s no wonder that cycling is a national sport in Italy when you have immaculate black ribbons of road that gently make their way up and down the contours of the mountainous topography with breathtaking views around every corner.”

Plan on at least four hours of ride time, and even more if you stop to enjoy the views or food, which Ken says is worth doing. “At any point along the route, you can stop and partake in some of the finest Italian or Tirolian cuisine around.”

The Selle Ronde packs four mountain passes into just 50 intense miles. “The route makes for a lot of lung-searing climbing, with equally tantalizing and rewarding speed-filled descents.”

Ken explains his bike of choice for this demanding route: “My trusty steel Crema Doma decked out with ENVE 3.4s, complete ENVE cockpit and a Campagnolo 50/34, 11-28 drivetrain. It was the perfect tool to carve up the roads. Quick, light, and nimble – the sum of this bike made for an awesome day in the saddle. Climbs were made easier through the lightweight package, while the direct overall handling allowed me to go to the edge on the descents.”

Download the GPX file here: https://www.strava.com/activities/1028173146