Frameworks Racing Partners with ENVE

ENVE will be joining forces with Frameworks Racing as an official sponsor of the team’s World Cup Downhill team – a match made in the USA. ENVE will be supplying M-Series rims for the team’s US-made downhill and enduro bikes.

It was easy to see the value in the partnership, with both ENVE and Frameworks having a passion for constant development and American manufacturing. “It’s easy to see the dedication that ENVE has to building products for racing,” said Team Owner Neko Mulally. “The Rim Strip is a technology that makes sense to the racer, as it provides a surefire way for riders to finish their runs even in the event of a failure. If that isn’t dedication to racing, I’m not sure what is.”

The team is made up of three highly regarded riders, team owner and three-time US National Champion Neko Mulally, Spanish National Champion Angel Suarez, and US Junior National Champion Asa Vermette. The team will be quick to get up to speed, as Asa and Angel have already been riding for ENVE. Combining their product knowledge with Neko’s expertise will help shape the future of M Series products.

“Finding a company like ENVE who is passionate about building products domestically and supporting the American dream is a no-brainer for our values,” said Mulally. “The product has been proven under Asa and Angel already, so we’re already confident about the wheels going into the season.”

The team will be focusing on the UCI Downhill World Cup stops through Europe and North America, but will also have a heavy presence in the US downhill and enduro circuits. Frameworks owner Neko Mullally is a major proponent and an organizer of US races, including the DHSE series throughout the South East USA.

“We have been in talks with Neko about joining the Frameworks team for a couple of years, and this year things finally lined up,” said Coleman Edwards, Mountain Marketing Coordinator at ENVE. “I think the M Series rims will only enhance the already impressive work Neko has done for the bike.”

Neko Mulally

Longtime downhill racer and passionate tinkerer, Neko has created a strong name for himself with his track results and for developing his own bike from the ground up. The Frameworks DH frame features a made-in-USA alloy front triangle, and a carbon composite rear triangle. Frank the Welder handles the front triangle builds in Vermont, and works with Neko to deliver bikes around the world.


Angel Suarez

With multiple World Cup Elite podiums, and a four-time National Champion of Spain, Angel has a strong track record. Riding for the UNNO Primal team in 2023, Angel’s results were strong, and his help in developing ENVE wheels were invaluable. His continued feedback will prove useful in the development of the future of M Series. 

Asa Vermette

We first met Asa at a small enduro race in Idaho, when he was about 13 years old. He sandbagged the sport class to win a free wheelset as a part of a promotion we did at the event. He ended up with the fastest times of the day of any class. Asa continues to amaze with wins at the US DH nationals, the US open, the US open enduro, and more. He’ll be stepping up this year as a junior in the UCI Downhill World cup, and is slated to be a strong contender for the podium.

The Bike
The team bike represents Neko's years of ride testing and relationship building coming together into a component spec that balances performance and company values. Check out the full bike check here.
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