Photos by Conor Barry and C.J. Covarrubias

Gravel events can be found every weekend, in every state, and almost every country at this point. There’s never been a better time for those seeking gravel rides and races to experience new terrain and enjoy each promoter’s unique flair they add to their events.

On June 24th and 25th, the GRODEO was held at ENVE HQ in Ogden, Utah. The two-day event started with the Builder Round-Up Open House where 20+ custom bikes were on display from some of the leading builders around the globe. In addition to the bikes, tours of ENVE’s manufacturing, a taco cart, and Trackline Time Trial racing made for a true party.

On Saturday, the 200 riders who were fortunate enough to get one of the limited registration spots were escorted through Ogden Canyon and deep into the Wasatch Mountains for a nearly 100-mile romp through ENVE’s version of gravel. The difference between the GRODEO and other gravel events is that there are no podiums filled with age group after age group, there is no prize for being the first one back to the finish, and blowing through a feedzone without stopping would be downright offensive. Other than the three Strava-timed segments, the overall vibe is about enjoying the day with friends and the other riders rather than putting your head down and racing through the course seeking a specific finishing time. There are so many great events that allow riders to go all-in for the race experience, but this is not one of those events. This is GRODEO.

Beginning at ENVE, GRODEO started with a police escort through Ogden Canyon, making for a casual rollout and ideal start to an early morning.

Big climbs, big rocks, and big views. The route’s challenge and beauty are equally breathtaking. Champagne gravel is non-existent in the wasatch mountains, but we do have plenty of softball-to-basketball sized rocks.

the oasis comes after the most difficult section of the course and offers a welcome break. roulette, axe throwing, and refreshments provide a distraction from the tough terrain.

THe grodeo has it all. singletrack, hotdogs, and comraderie. it’s a combination of all the things we love most about gravel.

the post ride party was hard-earned and well-deserved. riding 7+ hours through the wasatch backcountry put everyone in the celebrating mood once back at ENVE. we’ll be doing this again next year…and the rider limit will once again be small so stay tuned for registration info.