How To Choose Your ENVE M Series Handlebar

From XC to Trail, Enduro and Downhill, the new line of M Series handlebars is precisely engineered to deliver the very best ride quality for the type of riding that you do, giving you real options and real confidence.

In parallel with our M Series wheel line, the handlebars are split into Trail and Gravity categories and rider-tuned accordingly. Our Trail-Rated bars are more compliant and lighter; our Gravity bars are more than 30% stronger and 50% tougher than our trail bars, so they’re ready for anything you can throw at them.

Here we help you to choose the handlebar best suited for your riding.


Width: 760mm | Rise: +/-5mm | Sweep: 9˚, Tip: 0˚ | Clamp: 31.8mm | Weight: 180g
Pair with: M5 wheels, bikes with 0-120mm suspension travel
Riding style: XC and marathon racing, performance-focused trail riding

The M5 is an XC bar designed for today’s ever more aggressive courses and more capable bikes. It’s pared down to just 180g while maintaining the strength and durability you expect from ENVE, so it’s ready for a lifetime of hard riding. The flex profile is tuned for smoothness without compromising response. As an XC bar, it is our lightest and narrowest option, and can be mounted to give either +5mm or -5mm stack height.

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Width: 780mm | Rise: 7.5mm/25mm | Sweep: 9˚, Tip: 5˚ | Clamp: 31.8mm | Weight: 190g/195g
Pair with: M6 wheels, M6 stem, bikes with 100-140mm suspension travel
Riding style: Trail riding, multi-day adventures, back-country

The M6 bar is tuned and shaped for trail use, at a modern 780mm width, classic 9˚/5˚ bend, and a choice of low- and mid-rises, all while keeping the weight as low as 190g (low-rise). The flex profile is tuned to deliver a smooth, precise ride, backed up by the confidence that this bar is ready for the biggest off-road adventures.


Width: 800mm | Rise: 10mm/25mm/40mm | Sweep: 8˚, Tip: 4˚ | Clamp: 35mm | Weight: 238g/238g/243g
Pair with: M7 or M9 wheels, M7 stem, gravity bikes with 150mm+ of suspension travel
Riding style: Enduro racing, bike park, big terrain shuttling, big air

Gravity riders wanting a 35mm clamp diameter can choose the M7 for maximum precision and control. The geometry is tweaked for gravity riding, with shallower sweep and tip angles of 8˚ and 4˚ respectively. Width is 800mm, with rise options of 10, 25 and 40mm. The flex profile is tuned to take the sting out of big impacts, so they’re ready for endless laps of the bike park or shuttles on your favorite local big terrain.


Width: 810mm | Rise: 30mm/50mm | Sweep: 8˚, Tip: 4˚ | Clamp: 31.8mm | Weight: 245g/265g
Pair with: M7 or M9 wheels, Enduro, All-Mountain, and DH bikes with 150mm+ of suspension travel
Riding style: DH racing, freeride

Our World Cup DH riders love the new M9, which builds on the legacy of our first DH bar with subtly revised angles while keeping the proven 31.8mm clamp diameter and 810mm width. It’s the ultimate bar for the most hardcore riders. Like the M7, the M9 is built for ultimate strength and durability, with a flex profile that’s tuned to deal with the biggest hits on the toughest tracks.

We know that not every mountain biker is easily categorized. If you still find yourself in doubt, having considered the details above, visit your local ENVE retailer or give us a call to get tailored suggestions specific to your style, your bike, and your terrain.