Kona Appreciation

For the 40th year, Ironman took over the beach town of Kona, Hawaii, for the World Championships where 2,500 triathletes tackled one of the most demanding courses of the season. Just as we have done each year, ENVE was present to support the numerous athletes and teams racing on our wheels and components.

During the four-day expo in the athlete village, we took the opportunity to unveil our new SES Disc, which ended up being the talk of the week. Even though disc wheels are not allowed to be used on the Kona course due to the notoriously strong crosswinds that are common most years, that did little to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm of the new wheel offering.

The annual bike count that’s held during check-in is always a good industry gauge to see which brands are growing, and which are not. Although some wheel brands saw a decrease in numbers this year, ENVE was up by 10% over last year with the SES 7.8 continuing to be the most popular in our line. In order to show our full appreciation to each and every ENVE customer that’s racing, it’s now become a tradition to pass out custom towels at bike check-in to the 200+ athletes we had present.