SES 3.4 AR Defines Versatility

Less than three months have passed since we released the SES 3.4 AR, a wheel designed around the needs of the modern road rider where versatility is a critical component to performance. In the short time the wheels have been on the market they’ve been ridden to victory in professional criteriums, won the premier gravel event in the world, set the outright record on the Arkansas High Country Route, and have been lauded by the media and customers for their performance and ride quality. The SES 3.4 AR is defining versatility.

The second model in the AR line targeted a number of performance metrics. Every aspect of what we felt the modern road rider would seek was considered. Capable and compatible with wide, high-volume tires for varied road surfaces, yet aerodynamic and low in weight were the necessary elements for the equation in creating a wheel with a wide scope. Building the most versatile wheel on the market was a bold objective when considering how technologies from both the SES and G Series line, such as Wide Hookless Bead technology, would converge in creating the SES 3.4 AR. The results of how the wheels are being received speak for themselves.

“With more space between the beads, the tires felt more supportive and supple at lower pressures. On this trek south to the land made famous by John Steinbeck, we encountered a variety of road conditions. As I rolled through the choppy city streets of San Francisco or Santa Cruz, the compliance of a tire at about 60 psi was greatly appreciated. Plus, it didn’t come at the expense of a squirmy tire feel on fast descents” – Spencer Powlison of VeloNews

“Traction is everything in a criterium, and being able to run a wide tire without sacrificing aerodynamics is important to me. Having one wheelset that I can race a crit, the Belgian Waffle Ride, and Dirty Kanza on without giving up anything is amazing. The 3.4 AR is a one wheelset quiver.” – Colin Strickland, 2019 Dirty Kanza 200 Winner

“I rode the 3.4 AR 150 miles from San Francisco to Sea Otter in Monterey, and they were notably stable when descending, provided a comfortable ride, accelerated fast, and provided impressive crosswind performance. With wheels like these set up with wider tires, modern road bikes can become a lot more versatile, comfortable, and fun.” – James Stout of Gear Junkie

“The 28mm tires are a perfect fit to the rim’s width, and in motion, created a clean, fast sound as they cut through the wind, different than any other wheelset I have. The feel over broken road, was excellent, as the pressure in the tubeless tires was lower. Tire width and depth of the rim made it stable in all cross winds, even at speed, and noticeably light in climbing to the summit of Mt. Wachusetts, a local ski mountain that we often climb.” – Fred Marius, SES 3.4 AR Customer