Shop Check - Biker’s Edge

Each week we are showcasing an ENVE dealer that sets themselves apart through the cycling culture they help cultivate, the service provided to the community, and how they’ve created a loyal following of core cyclists. The collection of shops from all over the globe each have their own unique vision for what creates the best resource for the cycling community while all sharing the same passion for bicycles.

Just a 15 minute drive South from ENVE headquarters is Biker’s Edge, an ENVE Ride Center that caters to the ever-growing number of cyclists on the Wasatch Front. From product review videos to trail maintenance, Biker’s Edge has taken it upon themselves to better inform their customers and rally the community to take care of some of their favorite local trails. See what makes Biker’s Edge the go-to shop.

What is the shop’s specialty?

We make every customer a priority. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying your first hardtail, your 28th carbon road bike or a new ride for your five-year-old. We treat every customer how we’d want to be treated — no elitist, condescending hot air here. We offer honest feedback and buying advice to our customers both in our store and online, through our widely growing bank of bike review videos and features. It’s become an amazing resource for our customers trying to find their perfect bike. Plus, you get to see us wipe out on camera from time to time. here>

What is the shop’s history?

We’ve been in business since the Spring of 2004. We started in Bountiful, Utah, just 10 minutes down the road. Two years later, we moved to a much larger space in Kaysville — we’re still there today. We’ve always prioritized being a shop made up of all kinds of riders. Every year we close up shop for a long weekend of riding bikes in Southern Utah. We call it a team building exercise so HR will allow it. Things get pretty loose, but so far we’ve only had four casualties — I think OSHA steps in and shuts us down at five. We love riding so much, we helped Fruit Heights City and Kaysville City build trail networks in our own backyard. We take pride in our efforts to improve the local community.

Why are riders loyal to you and/or your shop?

People enjoy being treated like friends. That’s what a lot of our customers have become. Half of the folks who shop here come in only to talk about bikes with other bike nerds. Additionally, we carry just about every cool brand on the planet. There’s a lot of eye candy in the shop, and I’m not just talking about Zach’s beard. It’s a good atmosphere that keeps our friends coming back.

Does your shop sponsor or host a popular, infamous, and/or awesome ride or clinic?

We do a turkey ride on Thanksgiving to raise funds for our local trail network, Fruit Loops. For every lap completed we donate $1 to maintain and build new trails in our community. Some of the neighborhood kids can do a LOT of laps. Bundle up, and we will see you there.

What are you currently riding?

I’m riding an SB130 Lunch Ride with ENVE AM30 wheels. It’s perfect for getting after it on our local trails. It’s a great all-rounder that doesn’t mind getting a little rowdy from time to time.

What is one act of maintenance you wished every customer would learn to do on their own?

Fix a flat tire. Not only is it easy to do, it lets you avoid the biker’s walk of shame. We even made a how-to video to help our customers learn — if you don’t know how to do this, go watch it. Wait, I take it all back. Learn how to wash your bike. Some of these things coming in are filthy!

What is one that they shouldn’t?

Suspension services. Apart from being a little tricky and messy, they usually require special tools that can get spendy. Without those tools, you run the risk of damaging costly parts. Do it once or twice a year — your bike will thank you.

What’s your favorite ENVE product?

Right now, we are digging the AM30s. Most of the employees at the shop are building up bikes with those wheels. They’re the perfect blend of stiffness, compliance and durability. The value is tough to beat.

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