Shop Check - Bonsai Cycle Works

Out of sight from the bright lights in Shibuya, Bonsai Cycle Works represents the beauty that cycling has to offer. Founder Hideo Yoshida, known to many as “Bonsai”, is a dedicated cyclist with a keen eye for fashion and design. Once inside the shop, customers will find a curated and unique offering of original goods, rare cycling memorabilia, and various high end cycling products. The custom kit and hand-built road bike in the front window set the expectations of what waits inside.

As with the rest of the world, the traditional bike shop is changing. Hideo believes it is necessary to revitalize the value of a bicycle shop. A core strength of his shop is the ability to reflect customer requests on bike builds in part through working with custom frame builders such as Independent Fabrication. Take a quick look at his CX/Gravel and custom road bike to get a feel for the customization on offer through Bonsai.

“I’m crazy about Cyclocross. I was blessed with friends who taught me the competition of cyclocross. Thank you Daisuke Yano!!”

In addition to dream bike builds, the shop provides a unique and clean design aesthetic to further elevate its offerings to customers. Custom logos, unique fonts, sharp lines, and precise colorways reflect his style. Departing from the traditional Japanese meaning of “bonsai,” his personal definition signifies “Good Rhinoceros,” created from the words “Bon”, French for good, and “Sai,” Japanese for rhino. Throughout the shop you’ll find the rhinoceros mascot on bottles, gloves, and accessories. Natsuki, Hideo’s wife, even bakes the logo onto cookies and other goodies you can find at the small cafe inside the shop.

“The unique thing about my shop is that I pursue the beauty of bicycles”

Hideo’s shop is a must visit on any trip to Tokyo. Not only will you find some rare gems of the cycling world but if you ask, he’ll lead you to some of the city’s best food spots.

Follow his blog to keep up to date on the latest builds, tech tips, and cafe schedule from Bonsai Cycle Works.