We are regularly showcasing ENVE dealers that set themselves apart through the cycling culture they help cultivate, the service provided to the community, and how they’ve created a loyal following of core cyclists. The collection of shops from all over the globe each have their own unique vision for what creates the best resource for the cycling community while all sharing the same passion for bicycles.

What is OBST&GEMÜSE’s specialty? Our name directly translates as fruit & vegetables, which is reflected in the related yet opposite products that we offer in our store: cargo bikes downstairs and performance bikes upstairs. Lightweight and high-freight. Upstairs we have (predominantly custom) race bikes from the likes of No22 Bikes, Moots Cycles, Parlee, and OPEN Cycle. So quite a lot of American brands for a Swiss shop. Along with the most desirable parts, accessories, and clothing on the market. Downstairs we have our core business, which is cargo bikes. From two Danish (Larry vs Harry and Butchers & Bicycles) and two Dutch brands (Bak?ets and Elian Cycles). This variety, in combination with many custom-built boxes or kids seats, allows us to offer the perfect solution for everyone looking to get a cargo bike.

We’re very selective about what we offer, hence why we only sell products we truly believe in. Our aim has always been to create an even better customer experience year-to-year.

What is the shop’s history?

OBST&GEMÜSE opened its doors in 2009, with a focus on fixed-gear bikes. When the shop owners were expecting a son a year later, they started looking at cargo bikes as a means for their personal transportation. This became the core product over the years to follow.

One thing you’ll notice immediately when you walk the city streets of Basel is the number of cargo bikes around. In all shapes and colors. Most of them with an OBST&GEMÜSE sticker on the side. It goes beyond what we had envisioned and we’re really proud that our shop has had such an impact on the way people travel in Basel.

Road cycling has always been close to our hearts. From 2012 onwards we became dealers of exclusive brands like Rapha, Pegoretti, Parlee, and ENVE. Our dedicated Performance Showroom, in the space upstairs, opened its doors in 2017.

Why are riders loyal to the shop?

Everything we do revolves around quality. In terms of the products we offer, the attention and service we give to our customers, the way we treat our employees, the approach we take towards projects, and the space we’re in. It is something you’ll notice as soon as you walk in.

Does your shop sponsor or host a popular, infamous, and/or awesome ride or clinic?

Basel is located in Switzerland on the border with Germany and France. You find the Black Forest in Germany, the Vosges in France, and the Jura and the Alps in Switzerland. Each direction you ride towards is a total cyclist dream. With endless gravel and smooth tarmac roads to choose from.

In most years we would host several bigger rides, like the Grand Gravel Grind, though not this year. An event we did continue is our RDH Firestarter – which leaves at 5:15 in the morning on Tuesdays and Fridays. One for the early birds.

What are you currently riding and/or what’s your favorite bike right now?

For the road a Moots Vamoots, an OPEN U.P. for gravel and adventure rides. A Harry vs Larry Bullitt as well as an Elian Cycles cargo bike for city and touring rides. They are all very different bikes but I enjoy them equally.

What is one act of maintenance you wished every customer would learn to do on their own?

Being able to repair a bike chain on the spot and general drive chain maintenance. This often turns into a little nightmare if it’s forgotten.

What is one that they shouldn’t?

In general, I think it’s good when the rider is familiar with his bike and can do maintenance himself, especially when he/she is on a ride. However, there are many jobs such as a thorough bike service and fine-tuning which are totally worth visiting your local bike shop for.

What’s your favorite ENVE product and why?

I really like the ENVE mountain handlebar and stem on our OBST&GEMÜSE + Elian Cycles Ultimate e-Cargo built. You can read all about this special bike on The handlebar gives the rider full control over the Elian Steering System, which really sets this bike apart.

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