The Faces of Handmade

The term handmade has special meaning for us here at ENVE. It’s not just a word we throw around because it’s trendy. Handmade is core to who we are. Our customers know what the result of handmade is, but few get a glimpse of who’s hands we’re actually talking about. The 150 employees that come into our Ogden, Utah, facility every day are responsible for every rim we produce and every wheel built.

Many of our manufacturing employees have spent the better part of the last decade at ENVE, perfecting their craft of rim lay-up, cut & ply, wheel building, and the final details of decal installation. Here are some of the people that make ENVE, ENVE.

Oscar G
Layup Operator
14 years at ENVE

“I realized I had talent with my hands”, is how Oscar describes his innate ability to excel at one of the most intensive jobs at ENVE. The lay-up process is the most intricate and laborious aspect of rim manufacturing and Oscar is single-handedly responsible for 65,000 rims over the past 14 years. “The only way to live the dream is to work hard”.

Lili A
Layup Operator
6 years at ENVE

“This is my second family and during these challenging times we help each other no matter what.” The Swiss Army Knife of ENVE, Lili is able to manage any aspect of the manufacturing process that is needed, allowing the team to stay agile regardless of the production demands. “The quality of material we use and the people are the things that make me most proud to be part of what we do”.

Yaneth C
Cut & Ply
4 years at ENVE

“I enjoy being the first hands on what will become a rim. It’s the first step in the process and my hands are on it.” While wheelbuild and decal are the final steps in the process, the very first step is cutting out the 20-25 pieces of material that will end up being molded into a rim. “We’re a team working together through each step until we have a finished wheel”.

Norv B
Finishing Technician
13 years at ENVE

“It’s simple, I make sure the molded parts we manufacture look good.” In the early years of ENVE, Norv helped set the bar for our high standard in a product’s finish, while also managing one-off type projects, such as ice axe handles, hockey sticks, and paddles. “I was the 10th employee at ENVE and after all this time I still love what I do”.

Joe B
3 years at ENVE

“Putting my name on the world’s best stuff is satisfying. I know how important the ride experience is, so improving that for people brings me a lot of joy.” Over the course of a 10 hour shift, Joe will complete as many as 30 wheel builds. You can imagine how much experience Joe has to ensure that every wheel leaving his hands is perfectly tuned for the best possible ride experience.

Ashley M
Decal Technician
7 years at ENVE

“I love creating something that I know is going to bring happiness to someone out there. We all have the same goal, and that’s to deliver the best product that we possibly can.” After all the steps and hands that go into handmade, it’s Ashley who puts the finishing touch on a customer’s new ENVE wheelset.