There’s No Wrong Way to Gravel

Drop bars vs flat bars, 700c vs 650b, Light and fast vs loaded down, or racing vs bikepacking. Among gravel enthusiasts, it’s easy to see that there are many different ways and thoughts on how to ride gravel. Based on where you live, gravel riding can take on many different forms. Within our own backyard of the Wasatch Mountains, we at ENVE first got into the scene utilizing a mix of mountain bike parts and road bike parts. Unhappy with the market offering and even our own re-utilized mountain bike products for gravel, we dove head first into creating gravel specific products.

What we’ve learned, however, is that there still is no one way, or wrong way to gravel ride. Our mountain bike product offering, as well as our road bike product line still provide solutions and fill gaps that our gravel line has potentially overlooked. Often, you’ll see even our athletes utilizing different ENVE products not specific to gravel, in order to help provide them an advantage that plays to either their weaknesses or strengths as a rider. We’ve put together this helpful chart as a way to showcase that there truly are many different products throughout our entire line that can help you have the best ride experience for any of your gravel ride adventures.