Thibaut Daprela Answers Questions about his ‘Sound of Speed’ Edit

Insights from the World Cup Racer Himself

After Commencal/Muc-Off team member Thibaut Daprela released his “Sound of Speed” edit earlier this year, the internet had some burning questions:

  • What were the weird noises coming from his bike?
  • Did he use tire inserts?
  • How did he go so fast?

ENVE caught up with Thibaut to get some answers. Thibaut walked through each scene and explained what was happening on the bike, on the trail and in his head. He discussed everything from tire pressure to tire inserts, carbon wheels to alloy frames, his playful riding style and more.

Thibaut came out swinging in the UCI Downhill World Cup in 2020, earning a third place finish in Maribor and a fifth place in the overall standings–all in his first year in the elite category. ENVE is a proud sponsor of the Commencal/Muc-Off team and has worked with the riders to make continual improvements to the M-Series wheel and handlebar lines.