Tubeless Refresh - Replace Your Valve Cores

Tubeless tire setups on mountain bikes, gravel bikes, and even road bikes have helped to improve your ride while at the same time solving some of the flat tire issues that cyclists have faced over the years. For instance, a good tubeless setup can keep you rolling, even when pesky thorns, debris, and pinch flats threaten to end your ride. As with any system, tubeless setups require maintenance to ensure proper function. A key component to all of these tubeless systems, no matter the wheel application, is the valve stem and its valve core.

Latex sealants are excellent at quickly sealing small cuts or punctures in our tires, but also have the same effect on valves and the valve cores. Over time, your valve cores gather sealant and contaminants that render them less effective. As such, a clogged valve core inhibits tire pressure adjustment (inflation or deflation) and is less effective at giving accurate pressure readings. Any of these symptoms are sure signs that a valve core replacement is needed for your mountain, gravel, or road bike tubeless wheels.

Fortunately, the solution is quick fix and simple enough for anyone to perform. Using our ENVE valve core remover tool, and a replacement ENVE valve core pack, you can easily un-thread and remove the old valve core to install a fresh, new valve core.

Valve core replacement can also be a great opportunity to replace and add fresh sealant to your tubeless system. More often than not, if the valve cores are clogged, your sealant is likely dried out and needs refreshing or topping-off to keep your tubeless system’s anti-flat capabilities effective.

Valve core replacement frequency will depend and vary upon the climate in which you ride, and how frequently you ride. We also generally recommend to replace valve cores with every tire replacement. Similar to replacing an air-filter on a car while changing the oil – replacing the valve core on your wheels while changing the tires is a best practice.

Enjoy a mid-season tubeless refresh on your ENVE wheels, and keep the riding season and your air pressure flowing.

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