SES 7.8
SES 7.8

SES 7.8


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When pushing the highest speeds in time trial and triathlon racing, the SES 7.8 will provide you an unmistakable aero advantage.

Hub Options
Freehub Body
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  • Inventory on the way
  • Intended Use: Triathlon & Time Trial
  • Inner rim width: 19mm
  • Aero Optimized Tire Size: 25c
  • Rim and Disc Brake Models Available
  • Tubeless Optimized; Tube Compatible
  • Starting at $2,550
Hub Offering ENVE INNERDRIVE Premium Straight-Pull
Spacing Front: 12x100 | Rear: 12x142
Wheelsize 700c
Brake Type Disc Brake Centerlock (lockrings not included)

Rim Depth 71mm 78mm
Internal Rim Width 19mm 19mm
External Rim Width 29mm 27.5mm
Hole Count 24 24
Effective Rim Diameter 516mm 504mm
Aero Optimized Tire Size 25c 25c


Rim Weight 502g 533g 1035g

ENVE Innerdrive

(with tape & valves installed)

749.5g 883g 1633g


Aero Optimized Tubeless-Ready Tire Size 25mm
Minimum Tire Size (Labeled) 25mm
Tire Type Tubeless Ready
Tubeless Tape Width 23mm

Purpose Built

The outright fastest wheelset in ENVE’s line is well proven in the world’s biggest races. From the Tour de France to Kona, the SES 7.8 is the go-to when aerodynamics is the priority. When paired with the ENVE SES Tire in 25c, there’s nothing aerodynamically faster. The SES 7.8 features the latest technology in disc brake construction for disc models and the best carbon fiber brake track texture for rim brake models. Both rim and disc models are compatible with road tubeless tires. 

The SES 7.8 features asymmetric rim geometries front to back. The front rim is 71mm deep and 29mm wide while the rear rims is 80mm deep and 27.5 mm wide. The dissimilar rim geometries improve the efficiency of the airflow in the system of bike frame and wheels. 



Innerdrive Premium Road Hub

Featured in all SES and G Series wheels is the ENVE Premium Straight Pull hub, an all-new, 100% ENVE drive mechanism. Oversized steel ratchets are positioned inboard and over the bearings, reducing stress on the axle and bearings while ensuring positive and reliable engagement. Key benefits of the INNERDRIVE™ Premium hub include:

  • Weight Savings: The new ENVE INNERDRIVE™ Premium straight pull hub offering delivers 60 grams of weight savings over ENVE’s previous generation hub offering.
  • Four Engagement Options: Interchangeable ratchets allow riders to tune their rides for their personal performance needs. Whether it be maximizing efficiency, response, or reliability, we have a solution. Ratchet options include: 40 tooth, 60t, 80t, 100t.
  • Consistent Spoke Lengths: The all-new straight-pull hubshell allows for the use of a single spoke length for any given rim diameter, creating an easy user experience for service and maintenance.
  • Anti-twist Spoke Hole: To further improve the quality of the wheel build, spoke tension consistency, and to prevent spoke damage during wheel build, an anti-twist feature has been included to prevent the spoke from twisting during wheel build or while riding. 
  • Silent Spoke Crossings: The straight-pull hubshell puts space between each spoke ensuring that your ENVE wheelset cannot experience spoke creak.

No Holds Barred Aero Rim Shape

No watt left behind. The SES 7.8 features asymmetric rim geometries front to back. The front rim is 71mm deep and 29mm wide while the rear rims are 80mm deep and 27.5mm wide. The dissimilar rim geometries improve the efficacy of the airflow in the system of the bike frame and wheels. Aerodynamically optimized for 25c tires, the SES 7.8 is fastest when paired with a SES tire.

Disc Brake Construction

Go fast, stop fast. Nearly all modern road bikes are now equipped with disc brakes and the triathlon superbikes are quickly following suit. The elimiation of a braking surface opens up the realm of aerodynamic and structural possibilities. When you don't have to engineer a flat braking surface that must manage high temperatures from braking you can reduce the rim's weight, adjust the rim shape for improved aerodynamics, and provide better tubeless performance.

Tubeless Compatible

Greater speed, comfort, grip, and puncture resistance - what's not to like about road tubeless? With the selection of a high performance tire at the right pressure, you can achieve lower rolling resistance and more speed. Tubeless also allows you to run much lower tire pressures for far greater comfort, traction, and efficiency, especially over poor road surfaces and gravel, all without sacrificing speed. With tubeless sealant, the potential for pinch flats and debris punctures is all but eliminated.


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