SES Disc Rear Wheel

SES Disc Rear Wheel


Regular price $2,850.00

The SES Disc rear wheel is for elite and professional time trialists and triathletes who are seeking maximum efficiency on race courses where average speeds will exceed 27 mph.

Freehub Body
  • Intended Use: Triathlon & Time Trials
  • Inner rim width: 18.5mm
  • Aero Optimized Tire Size: 25c
  • Disc and Rim Brake Models Available
  • Tubeless Optimized; Tube Compatible
  • Starting at $2,850

Spacing Front: 12×100, Quick Release | Rear: 12×142, Quick Release
Wheelsize 700c
Pricing $2,700
Brake Types Disc


Weight 1225g
Internal Rim Width 18.5mm
External Rim Width 27.5mm
Aero Optimized Tire Size 25mm
Tubeless Compatible? Yes
Disc Brake Compatible? Yes

Purpose Built

The SES Disc wheel is the outright fastest rear wheel available. It is the culmination of nearly five years of development. During this process we considered not only aerodynamics but also rolling resistance, braking, and ride quality. The SES Disc is available as a tubeless clincher in both rim and disc brake models.

To achieve the bar-raising performance of the SES Disc, we developed every aspect: aerodynamics, tubeless compatibility, construction, and braking. Like all SES products, the SES Disc was developed using state-of-the-art Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis by our long-term partner and consultant aerodynamicist, Simon Smart of Smart Aero Technology. Prototypes were assessed in the Mercedes-AMG Formula One wind tunnel and the subtle shape iterated to deliver class-leading aerodynamics at high race speeds.

Practical considerations were also taken in development, like strength from impacts and accidents. The use of spread-tow technology helps to prevent punctures from projectiles through the carbon while riding or transporting, giving you peace of mind on and off the bike.

"A lot of disc wheels can be harsh and unforgiving, but I can roll this all day with nothing but pure speed as a side effect."

- Ben Hoffman, Professional Triathlete


The SES Disc’s sidewalls are constructed using spread tow carbon fiber technology. Spread tow carbon fiber fabrics deliver a more even fiber distribution and filament straightness making it possible to achieve a thinner carbon fiber laminate that maximizes weight savings without compromising strength and durability. The SES Disc uses spread tow fibers molded and subsequently bonded to a machined PMI foam core, ensuring best in class durability, weight savings, and stiffness.


The SES Disc features a machined PMI (polymethacrylimide) foam core sandwiched between layers of spread tow fibers. PMI is an advanced closed cell foam that delivers all the benefits of more traditional honeycomb type cores, but features superior impact resistance and more importantly delivers best in class sheer strength amongst other core material candidates. The SES Disc’s incredible lightweight, stiffness, and durability are made possible by use of PMI.


The finishing touch is a generous valve window that is molded, not cut, making this disc as easy to live with as it is rewarding to ride. Ample room for the pump attachment that’s provided with every disc purchase.


Greater speed, comfort, grip and puncture resistance – what’s not to like about road tubeless? With the SES Tire in 25c at the right pressure, you can achieve lower rolling resistance and superior aerodynamics than any other tubeless tire on the market. Tubeless also allows you to run lower tire pressures for far greater comfort, traction, and efficiency, especially over poor road surfaces and gravel, all without sacrificing speed. The potential for pinch flats and, with sealant, debris punctures is all but eliminated.

ENVE recognized early that road tubeless technology is here to stay and we drew on our years of experience making the world’s best mountain bike wheels to optimize the SES range for tubeless (excluding the current SES 4.5). With rims going wider and frames giving more tire clearance, the key aspects of bike design were aligned to make tubeless the best choice: wider rims make it easier to mount tubeless tires. Disc brakes add even more benefits for tubeless, typically allowing larger tires as well as removing issues of heat at the rim.


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