ENVE’s Kona by the Numbers

If you missed the 2017 Ironman World Championships, here’s what you need to know.


  • James Cunnama raced and fought his way to an impressive 5th place result in the fastest world championship race in recent memory finishing in a blistering 8:11:24.
  • Sarah Crowley’s hard work, preparation, and mental toughness delivered her to the 3rd step on the world championship podium 9:01:38.
  • Rachel Joyce, three-time Ironman World Championship podium finisher and new mother, finished 20th in 9:42:12.

The Kona Count
Each year the race organizers are gracious enough to let our product team analyze and count the equipment Kona athletes choose for the biggest race of their lives.

    • ENVE was identified as the fastest growing wheel brand represented at the World Championships in Kona
    • 200+ competitors raced on ENVE wheelsets, the most popular choice was the SES 7.8 Clincher
    • 200 ENVE Limited Edition Luxury Beach Towels delivered to athletes riding ENVE
    • The ENVE Aero TT handlebar representation doubled from 22 bars in 2016 to 44 bars in 2017

While our # 1 priority for our presence at Kona is to support all ENVE athletes, it’s also the largest triathlon industry tradeshow. Over the week we met with partners, discussed future projects, and did what we like best – we rode our bikes! Special thank you to Betty Designs, Coeur Sports, Topical Edge, and Wyn Republic for a great time on some amazing tropical roads.

Congratulations to all of you, our loyal customers, who participated in this year’s event and made it our BEST Ironman World Championship to date.

See you all next year in Kona.