Shop Check - Bicycle HaÜs

We are regularly showcasing ENVE dealers that set themselves apart through the cycling culture they help cultivate and the service they provide. The collection of shops we’re featuring each have their own unique vision for what creates the best resource for the cycling community.We are regularly showcasing ENVE dealers that set themselves apart through the cycling culture they help cultivate and the service they provide. The collection of shops we’re featuring each have their own unique vision for what creates the best resource for the cycling community.

Located in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona, Bicycle Haüs couldn’t ask for a better location to serve cyclists of every discipline. With the Scottsdale McDowell Sonoran Preserve practically just outside their door, they have some of the best flowy singletrack trails the Western states have to offer. From road, to mountain, to gravel, Kale Keltz has helped make Bicycle Haüs the go-to shop for equipment, service, or just a cup of coffee.

What is Bicycle Haüs’s specialty?

We take great pride in providing our community with a detailed level of quality in both the brands we represent and the service we provide. We recognize that the bike-buying experience goes well beyond the swipe of a credit card or turn of a wrench; it requires a sincere interest and care for each customer that walks through our shop doors. We take earnest steps to win their trust, continuing to build upon that trust regardless of the type of project or service they ask of us. Through our Haüs doors, we want to provide a home for everyone, one that is furnished with all the essentials needed to take the next cycling experience to a new level of inspiration. It is about the bike, but to all of us at the Bicycle Haüs, each bicycle always begins with the customer.

What is the shop’s history?

The Bicycle Haüs first opened in 2004 in Old Town Scottsdale. Kale Keltz had been working as an employee in a couple of well-established, Arizona shops until he recognized a need in the community for something more – a different type of bike shop experience. He and his wife, Shasta, gathered all their resources and worked to create a brand that grew out of a vision to provide the very best products presented with the very best service. In 2013, they built a new home upon that same vision, which has allowed them to provide even more for the community – a house constructed to inspire and facilitate within an ever-changing industry.

Why are riders loyal to the shop?

We often refer to ourselves as a home, “home is where the Haüs is.” In order to cultivate such an ideal, we understand that it begins with exceptional service and care for our community. We hold our relationships in the highest regard and understand that it’s our responsibility to give our customers the very best in service and quality products, making each visit a learning experience built upon respect, communication, and understanding. Plus, we simply enjoy what we do and hope that our passion and enthusiasm are a reflection of our service and commitment to each person who chooses the Bicycle Haüs.

Are there any programs or services that you’ve activated due to Covid-19?

We have taken extra measures to ensure the safety of our customers as well as staff. These times have been strange and unprecedented – we’ve seen such incredible growth in the industry despite the continued concern. The shop has made careful adjustments in order to continue accommodating the needs of each customer. This includes an even deeper cleaning of the shop, wearing masks and respecting our customers’ need for social distancing. That may include hands free outdoor drop off and pick up or phone in ordering and payment. It is important for us to meet everyone where they feel comfortable.

Does Bicycle Haüs sponsor or host any rides or clinics?

Yes! We enjoy hosting a couple, regular shop rides each week, including the “Friday Ride,” that always begins with an initial moment of coffee and conversation. To be honest, all of our rides seem to begin with coffee – a staple that many of our regulars know is always there to be poured. We often host special trips out of town to ride events or simply create events of our own out in new or familiar neighborhoods across the country. We’ve enjoyed supporting groups of our customers in events like the Dirty Kanza and Leadville. We just took a group up to Colorado a couple of weeks ago for a long weekend of singletrack.

What are you currently riding and/or what’s your favorite bike right now?

We always have a dizzying array of inspiring bikes to choose from. The new Scott Addict RC built up with ENVE 3.4 ARs and a Dura-Ace Di2 Group is the bike at the moment; however, we have been loving the Cervelo Áspero built up with G23s and a compliment of ENVE pieces – post, stem, and bars. It’s a bike that effectively exemplifies both words in the “gravel road” experience.

What is one act of maintenance you wished every customer would learn to do on their own?

Keeping the drivetrain clean and properly lubed – the chain, chainrings, and cassette. We love the motto, “the key to shoe longevity is shoe maintenance,” and can easily apply it to pretty much anything, especially the bicycle. If you’re able and willing to care for the drivetrain, the performance of the bike will care for you in return.

What’s your favorite ENVE product?

We love the quality of each ENVE product! The wheels are properly finished and ride with quality and performance that is unmatched. The innovation behind each wheel seems to always hit the sweet spot, the ideal, and we love spotlighting that with each build. We are especially excited about the Foundation Collection and all that it brings to the table, opening the door for a wider range of bikes to enjoy!

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