Shop Check - Velosmith Bicycle Studio

We are regularly showcasing ENVE dealers that set themselves apart through the cycling culture they help cultivate, the service provided to the community, and how they’ve created a loyal following of core cyclists. The collection of shops from all over the globe each have their own unique vision for what creates the best resource for the cycling community while all sharing the same passion for bicycles.

Located in Wilmette, Illinois, Velosmith Bicycle Studio has aligned with some of the most prestigious frame builders in order to deliver the best ride experience to its customers. The small team of highly-experienced staff is what distinguishes them from other shops, and what helps make them an official ENVE Ride Center.

What is Velosmith’s specialty? Custom bicycles. But specifically, our ability to break down the custom bicycle design process into approachable, manageable aspects. Designing a custom bike can seem like an overwhelming task to even the most experienced cyclist. For this we rely heavily on our staff. They are passionate, patient, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. Within our small team of five, we have over 100 years of industry experience. Our entire business model is built around treating each cyclist as an individual. We meet them where they are in the cycling continuum and help guide them along the journey.

What is the shop’s history?

Founded in 2011, the studio began in 348 square ft (including the bathroom). In 2014 we moved next door to our current, 1000 sq ft. location. Our building is over 150 years old and retains the original hardwood floors and pressed tin ceiling.

Why are riders loyal to the shop?

Our focus has always centered on the client. Strong communication, no egos, no attitude. This may seem basic, but it is all too often overlooked. The crew at Velosmith not only knows your name, but they often know your own bike better than you do.

Are there any programs or services that you’ve activated due to Covid-19?

The importance of bikes has never been more clear. We know our clients see their bikes as transportation, exercise, and peace of mind. Our by-appointment model now extends to service as well, with the goal of turning around service work in 24 hours in an effort to minimize riding downtime.

Does Velosmith sponsor or host any rides or clinics?

We have always hosted a summer holiday ride series (Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day) which pairs a 70-mile out-and-back ride with a mid-ride stop at a donut shop. The ride rolls early but often on the way home we will run into a number of small-town celebrations. Our group has unintentionally been ushered into our fair share of parades.

We have also worked closely with our local Rapha Clubhouse to co-brand events. Last year’s fall event was our second edition, a mixed terrain ride and the turnout was incredible.

What are you currently riding and/or what’s your favorite bike right now?

In a normal season, the majority of my miles are ridden on a road bike among friends. 2020 has been the season of solitude so this year my go-to bike is my Seven Evergreen XX scrambler. At the moment, it is set up in 650b mode for limitless exploration: deer trails, fire roads, single track, pavement.

What is one act of maintenance you wished every customer would learn to do on their own?

How to properly wash your bike. A clean bike is a happy bike.

What is one that they shouldn’t?

Let us tape your bars.

What’s a shop favorite ENVE product?

The Velosmith crew are all fans of the 3.4 AR. We feel the depth and width are ideal for road or gravel applications, the weight is ideal for our rolling terrain, and they set-up so easily!

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