ENVE Innerdrive System

We are proud to introduce the ENVE INNERDRIVE™ System, an all-new, 100% ENVE drive mechanism shrouded in an all-new premium straight-pull hubshell to further enhance performance and the ride experience. 

Innerdrive system

INNERDRIVE™ represents the pinnacle of bicycle drive mechanisms. Oversized proprietary steel ratchets are positioned inboard and over the bearings reducing stress on the axle and bearings while ensuring positive and reliable engagement.

  • 100% ENVE designed oversized 42mm ratchet drive system
  • Longer bearing life
  • Reduced axle stress = less bearing drag and prolonged bearing life
  • Drive component retention
  • Perfect Preload - automatic preload adjustment
  • Low maintenance & easy serviceability
  • Weight: Front: 109g | Rear: 217g

Included on all SES and G Series Wheels

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Tested and Proven

Real world riding and testing proven by UAE Team Emirates over tens of thousands of miles endured through the World Tour.



Perfect Preload™ is a system that eliminates the need for bearing preload adjustments. Using a tuned wave washer, bearing preload is optimized from the factory and dynamically adjusted over the life of the hub. No tools required, just Perfect Preload™ all the time.

  • Tuned wave washer between bearings for consistent and even force to eliminate play
  • Improved bearing efficiency
  • Prolonged bearing life
  • No adjustment required


No more ratchets, springs, and other critical driver components lost to the road, trail, and trunk of your car when the rear wheel is off the bike for transit or flat repair.

  • No loose parts
  • Drive ratchets stay put when cassette is off

60g lighter

Delivers weight savings over previous generation J-bend hubs.
Front: 109g | Rear: 217g

ratchets, not pawls

  • Immediate, zero flex engagement
  • 100% engagement of teeth
  • Isolated torque transmission for reduced axle load and stress
  • 42mm ratchet
  • Large diameter = lower stress on ratchet teeth
  • Prolonged bearing life
  • Extreme durability
  • Fewer parts = less/lower maintenance
Refine your ride

Ratchet options

-Four interchangeable ratchets allow riders to tune their rides for their personal performance needs. Whether it be maximizing efficiency, response, or reliability, we have a solution.

  • 40t - 9° Engagement
  • 60t - 6° Engagement (Stock Road/Gravel Offering)
  • 80t - 4.5° Engagement
  • 100t - 3.6° Engagement

A More Refined Hub

ENVE INNERDRIVE™ System with Perfect Preload™ allows for four engagement options to customize the feel and ride of your bike. The refined hubshell geometry incorporates anti-twist spoke holes engineered specifically for straight pull only. The hub features one spoke length per wheel keeping maintenance easy.


The straight pull hubshell puts space between each spoke ensuring that your ENVE wheelset cannot experience spoke creak.

The hubshell

  • Equal spoke lengths drive and non-drive, and front to rear if rim ERD is equal
  • Non-contact spoke crossings
  • Anti-twist spoke design for improved wheel builds
  • 10% Lateral stiffness increase over previous J-bend hubshells